The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary: 5 Suggestions

Doctor Who celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023. Although this is two years away

Doctor Who celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023. Although this is two years away. The current era of Doctor Who is divisive to say the least. This reviewer would be lying if they said they had faith in Chris Chibnall‘s writing abilities. To play devil’s advocate we have seen a woman of colour play the Time Lord. As well as the first female Doctor under Chibnall. But I digress. Here are 5 suggestions for Doctor Who’s 60th.


Retcon the “Timeless Child” arc

There’s no getting away from this: The Timeless Child storyline is terrible. It makes nonsense of many other established pieces of Who lore (as this article explains). Additionally it renders the 10th, 11th and 12th Doctors’ emotional farewells meaningless, as our hero can ostensibly regenerate as many times as they want. Perhaps the Master was manipulating the Doctor at someone else’s behest. Maybe we discover that a future incarnation of the Oncoming Storm coerced the Doctor’s best enemy into lying to 13 to prevent an even greater threat? This could set the stage for Omega or Rassilon’s return. They could even debut Big Finish villains like the Dalek Time Controller or the Word Lord Nobody No-One as the 60th anniversary’s big bad.


Bring back the 8th, 9th and Fugitive Doctors

Whovians have clamoured for Christopher Eccleston to reprise his role as the 9th Doctor for years. While this has come true in the form of the new 9th Doctor Big Finish audios. Imagine Yaz surrounded by Daleks at the end of series 13’s final episode. Then someone grabs her hand and we see 9 say “Run!” to Yaz just like he did to Rose. I’d like to see 9 and 13 interact just because their incarnations are so different to each other. Moreover, if Paul McGann returned as the 8th Doctor we could perhaps see him challenge 9 over his actions in the Time War and the dramatic tension this would create. Throw the Fugitive Doctor (Jo Martin) into the 60th anniversary mix and you have some potentially excellent character drama. The only problem would be the potential sidelining of Jodie Whittaker from her Doctor’s own episode. Maybe 13’s eternal optimism reminds 8 of how he was before the Time War which leads him to talk 9 and the Fugitive Doctor into listening to Whittaker?


Cameo Captain Jack Harkness and River Song together in a scene

Everyone wants to see this happen. Even if it’s just a minisode like the 50th anniversary’s Night of the Doctor; John Barrowman and Alex Kingston sharing the screen would be pure gold. Maybe Jack is drinking in a bar (the same one as in The End of Time possibly) and River tries to put the moves on him/rob him. This could lead to the two intergalactic rogues trying to one up each other which could end when they both receive a distress call from the Doctor. This realisation could make for a great moment as River and Captain Jack compare notes (not unlike Sarah Jane and Rose in School Reunion). Equally there could be a scene like at the end of the first Avengers film where all the heroes are just relaxing and Jack and River develop a playful rivalry. Which the 13th Doctor has to mediate with hilarious results.


Debut Richard Armitage as Rassilon

This actor has great potential to be a foil to Whittaker’s Doctor. Rassilon has been somewhat under-used in the new series, appearing only in The End of Time 2 parter and Hell Bent. It would be nice if Chibnall fleshed out this character in the anniversary special and really let us see what the Doctor was rebelling against that made them so desperate to leave Gallifrey. The best villains believe their actions are justified, so maybe Rassilon actually helps our heroes before betraying or imprisoning them. There is also potential for Armitage to interact with McGann’s Doctor if he comes back. I’d say that a three dimensional Rassilon who’s not just a dictator or drunk with power could make 13 really question whether her path is the right one and vice versa.


Regenerate the Doctor

As revealed by Matt Smith‘s exit at the end of 2013, anniversary episodes appear to be good ones to bow out on. Whether Whittaker is still the Doctor or if it’s someone else, a regeneration acts also as a milestone. As much as the anniversary itself. Maybe there could be a 12th Doctor style montage of all the standout moments? 4’s choice in Genesis of the Daleks; 10 saying goodbye to Rose in Doomsday, 11 visiting the gallery with Vincent van Gogh in Vincent and the Doctor, 12’s courage in the labyrinth in Heaven Sent. And many others of course. Perhaps the only glimpse we see of the new Doctor is their flowing ginger locks? If they choose to rest Doctor Who after the 60th anniversary this could be a nice way to cap off the new series.


What would you like to see in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary episode? Do you agree with my suggestions? Leave a comment below and remember; the universe hangs by such a delicate thread of coincidences it’s useless to meddle with it. Unless like me you’re a Time Lord.


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