Five Actors we’d like to see play the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’

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Since ‘Doctor Who’ began in 1963, 14 actors (at the time of writing this) have canonically portrayed the time-traveling hero known only as the Doctor. There will always be debate over who the best Doctor is and who should play the Time Lord. With that in mind, here are 5 actors I would like to see in the role:


Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller has the intensity required to play the Doctor in my opinion as well as the detachment from human norms and mores. I can see this actor delving into the Doctor’s dark side, as Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi did before him. Also, Jonny Lee Miller currently competes in Muay Thai bouts so it’s possible that he could be a spiritual successor to Jon Pertwee if he ever got the role. As a side note, this actor played an extra in the Peter Davison episode “Kinda” in 1982 at the age of 10.


Paterson Joseph

This actor was one of the names that were mooted for the role of the 11th Doctor before it went to Matt Smith. Paterson Joseph has the ability in my view to convey the feyness and impishness in the Doctor’s character in similarity to Patrick Troughton. I also feel that he could bring a chilling menace to the role when facing down the Doctor’s enemies. Like Jonny Lee Miller I feel that Paterson Joseph has the distance from the everyday world and its people to really shine as the Time Lord.


Hayley Atwell

The most popular fan choice for the first female Doctor, Hayley Atwell has the ability as many have said to be the person in charge, which is what any actor playing the Doctor needs. Part of me wishes that Jodie Whittaker would eventually regenerate into Hayley Atwell so that when the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special comes we can see these two actresses share a similar relationship to the one David Tennant and Matt Smith had in the 50th. This actor also has the steel that the Doctor requires when confronting the evils of the universe, which we have yet to see Jodie Whittaker display.


Jermaine Clement

Anyone who has seen Legion will understand why I have chosen Jermaine Clement. His portrayal of Oliver Bird had the poise, eccentricity, and masculinity that I think would make for an excellent Doctor. This performer also has the mystery and the ability to convey a kind of moral greyness that I think would be an excellent choice for the Time Lord. I’m also not going to lie, I just really want to see Jermaine Clement battle rap the Dalek Emperor into submission as Oliver did to the Wolf in Legion.


Anthony Head

When it was announced that Doctor Who would be returning in 2005 a lot of people thought that Anthony Head would be the one to play the Doctor in the revived series. Even though he has played a villain (excellently I might add) in one David Tennant episode I think the BBC should give Anthony Head a run in the main role. He has the acting ability and is able to show an undercurrent of danger in his character that I think would make a brilliant Doctor if they ever decided to go down that road. I would quite like to see a Doctor Who episode written by Joss Whedon for an Anthony Head Doctor, but perhaps that will remain just a fantasy.


Who would you like to see play the Doctor in Doctor Who? Do you agree with the suggestions I have made? Leave a comment below and remember, that’s the problem with regeneration. You never know what you’re going to get.

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    Kris Marshall

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    1 January 2020 at 9:31 pm -

    I am so tired of ” next Doctor ” speculation. I have said it before and I will say it again HUGH LAURIE. End of speculation.

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