In Review: Kung Fu (S1 – EP4) Hand

As Nicky and Henry follow a new lead that brings them to a private collector in Napa, a tension-filled dinner with the Soong’s leaves Althea to question her worth.

Synopsis: In ‘Hand’. As Nicky and Henry follow a new lead that brings them to a private collector in Napa, a tension-filled dinner with the Soong’s leaves Althea to question her worth. Elsewhere, Evan’s suspicions about Henry continue to grow.


The Story

Having found a key in a puzzle box during last week’s episode. Nicky and Henry set about searching for what it opens. Their search leads them to a box, which is owned by a private collector living in Napa. Learning that the collector is away. Nicky and Henry stage a break-in, but when they get inside the property they are ambushed by another thief called razer. We learn that Razer has been hired by Zhilan to steal the box.

So, having been beaten to the Box. Henry hits up some of his old contacts to learn the identity of Razer. Once they have this information. Nicky and Henry pay Razer a visit where Nicky Challenges the thief to a wager. She’ll fight him in hand-to-hand combat for the rights to open the box.

Elsewhere, Althea’s future in-laws join her family for dinner. Things get somewhat tense when they ask Althea to sign a prenup.


The Acting

This episode has some really strong acting performances all around. Firstly, Olivia Liang and Eddie Liu work brilliantly together as Nicky and Henry become partners in crime. The moment where she learns that Henry has a criminal past is handled really well. Secondly, we get a great character in Razer who is played by Donald Sales who imbues the character with tons of charisma. So much so that I hope he gets to appear again as a recurring character.

Finally, I have to give kudos to Shannon Dang for her handling of some difficult themes with her character of Althea. The outburst that she has at the dinner table was both a little funny and completely understandable. But it was the more serious scene at the close of the episode where Althea opens up to Nicky that really topped off. What has to be one of the best performances in the episode. The theme of sexual harassment is a very serious one and should be discussed. Especially given that it can take so many forms. Both the writers and actors handled the topic really well and did so in a way where the audience can easily feel empathy for Althea.



This is easily the best episode to date. We get to learn a bit more about Henry’s shady past and also get to meet some of the colourful characters that he associated with. Hopefully, we’ll get more episodes with Razer in the future. I really enjoyed Donald Sales’s performance in the role.

We also get to see Nicky get a bit of a win over Zhilan. Which can only make things more interesting for future episodes.

Kung Fu (S1 - EP4) Hand
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