In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – Ep13) The Beacon of Moonstone Island

Gil insists on helping Nancy investigate a hunch on Moonstone Island, but Ace and Amanda are forced to step in when he is unable to be there for her.
Moonstone Island

Synopsis: Gil insists on helping Nancy investigate a hunch on Moonstone Island, but Ace and Amanda are forced to step in when he is unable to be there for her. Meanwhile, Nick begins questioning Nancy’s loyalty. Lastly, Odette is getting on George’s last nerve.


The Story

When Gil, Nancy, Ace, and Amanda pay a visit to Moonstone Island. They find an abandoned young girl called Birdie living there with a bad wound on her leg. As they take Birdie back to the Claw to treat her wound. It soon becomes apparent that the girl is surrounded by spirits when a bird is killed and some food is dropped. As the story unfolds. We learn that Birdie was the sole survivor of a boat fire, which killed both her parents. Furthermore, we learn that some spirits called the Fire Souls have been looking after Birdie since she lost her parents.

Elsewhere George is becoming more and more exasperated with Odette and has it out with the Spirit.


The Acting

Alison Thornton puts in a solid performance as Birdie and proves fairly convincing when it comes to conveying the trauma that the young girl has gone through. Her best scenes were the ones in which she was struggling to adapt to a normal life. I particularly enjoyed the scene with Nancy (Kennedy McMann) in which Birdie wanted to say goodbye to the fire souls.

I also found Leah Lewis’s performance to be rather fun. Particularly the moment where she manages to come to an agreement with Odette. The spirit that is sharing her body with her. It is always fun seeing scenes where Odette is inhabiting George, but I can’t help but feel that Odette’s friendship with Bess is going to end in tears.



‘The Beacon of Moonstone Island’ proved to be a fairly solid episode. I enjoyed seeing Nancy’s new relationship with Gil Bobbsey get explored a little more. The scene where both Ace and Nancy learn that they are dating the siblings was quite amusing to watch and nicely done. I also like how Amanda Bobbsey is proving to be a little more of a help to the Drew crew than Gil is.

Also, good were the visuals for the Fire Souls. I liked how they appeared as sort of silhouette-style figures.

Overall. A pretty good episode, which moves the story arc along just enough. It will be interesting to see more of the fallout from Nancy’s decision to retract her statement when it comes to the Hudson trial. Especially given that Nick is beginning to think that he and Ryan may have lost her as an allie.

Nancy Drew (S2 - Ep13) The Beacon of Moonstone Island
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