Sci-Fi Design: Turn Your Living Room into an Iconic Spaceship

Futuristic, modern spaceships of TV and movies can be an inspiration for home design.

Futuristic, modern spaceships of TV and movies can be an inspiration for home design. Make your home futuristic with cutting-edge technology, but also mod interior design. Here are some ways you can use iconic, sci-fi ships for inspiration.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s vision for the film included meticulously constructed set design that featured many statement pieces. You can easily bring his vision into your home’s interior design. One of the most notable design features of the film are white floors, some of which are illuminated with backlit, semi-transparent tiles. If you have hardwood floors, an easy way for recreation of this feature is to simply paint them with a white coat that has a shiny finish. In Space Station 5’s lobby, there are the red, futuristic Djinn chairs, which would make excellent statement pieces of furniture that offer a pop of color. The main color scheme should include black, white and red, with a tone of mid-century modern. For additional furniture, you can integrate some Panton Style ‘S’ chairs. A fun, kitschy touch would be a space suit art piece; either the full suit or a collection of helmets. Red would be an ideal color, though white would also work for this art fixture. A great resource for post-modern furniture that fits the Space Odyssey theme is Cappellini.


The set design of this series is a hybrid look of a dystopian wild west, steampunk and futuristic-galactic. You can use this unique design combination in your living room through integration of the Serenity’s interior highlights. The cargo bay is very industrial and comprised of pipes, chains and suspended walkways of metal grates. Incorporate the pipe into your room with a handmade pipe shelving unit or copper pipe shelf supports. You can also use piping for fun accents, such as a lighting fixture, coffee table or curtain rods. Integrate the chain element of the cargo bay with a chandelier made of recycled bicycle chains, like the ones from Facaro. The Firefly vessel also has some cozy corners, where the crew hangs out. Bring this feel to your living room. Use persian rugs, mismatched leather seating and some wooden furniture for the recreation of Serenity’s communal quarters. Bring the whole concept together with some blueprint-style illustrations of the ship as wall art, which can be found on Xanthein’s website.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Recreate the interior of the USS Enterprise in your living space. The Enterprise bridge has large, leather command chairs. You can find similar styles through contemporary, furniture retailers. Look for three matching tall-back, leather swivel chairs that you can arrange together on one side of the room.The Mandel-P Puddy Leather swivel at Overstock and the Shaw Ergonomic from All Modern are styles that look like they belong on the ship. Other design elements on the Enterprise bridge include short-pile red and gray carpet. Behind Picard’s seat is a wooden arch, which can be recreated by a contractor. The furniture arrangement of the bridge is ideal for a television viewing area, since all the furniture faces one direction. The Enterprise also has notable, recessed lighting. Replace your current light fixtures with recessed ceiling lights that encircle the border of the room. Make sure whenever you make changes in your living space that you have a comprehensive home warranty that will cover any damages. Your renovations and designs should have protection and coverage. The general design scheme for this TNG-style room should be taupe leather, maple wood, clay red textile accents, gray paint and turquoise-tinged lighting.

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