In Review: Doctor Who Comic #2.3: Missy

Missy and The Master wage war on the Third and Twelfth Doctors.

Synopsis: Missy and The Master wage war on the Third and Twelfth Doctors. Can they be stopped from executing Missy’s lethal plot?


The Story

Having gotten away from the stormcage with a little help from River Song in the last issue. Missy and the Master travel back through their own timeline in order to try and find the key to time. As they journey into the past. Missy, who is still posing as The Doctor comments on the various incarnations of herself and The Master as they look for the key. The Master for his part plays along and is obviously beginning to suspect that something isn’t right here.



Roberta Ingranata continues to do a fairly good job with the artwork. Indeed, she manages to retain MIssy’s and The Master’s likeness throughout. Additionally, she also gets to present alternate looks at some memorable moments from the series. Which include the 12th Doctor’s guitar solo when he was travelling with Clara. As well as the moment at the start of the 10th Doctor’s final adventure where John Simm’s Master was searching for food.



Jody Houser continues to write some stonkingly brilliant Doctor Who and she really should be offered a writing gig on the actual show. That said, with the comics she has been doing a great job and this book is no exception. After a bit of a slow start with the first two issues. The story is now beginning to take shape. Seeing Missy pretend to be The Doctor while using The Master as her companion because she wants to play by the rules is an absolute hoot.

The back and forth dialogue between the two characters as they comment on their past run-ins with The Doctor is a master class in how to use the television shows long and storied history. I particularly loved the moment where Missy pretty much near as damn gives herself away as she makes a rather Masterish comment. Even more fun is the fake name that she created for the human that she’d just fed to John Simm’s Master. On the whole, this is the best issue to date.

Doctor Who Comic #2.3: Missy
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