In Review: Doctor Who Comic #2.2: Missy

Missy makes her daring escape from Stormcage with the help of a familiar face!

Synopsis:  Missy makes her daring escape from Stormcage with the help of a familiar face! The comics debut of the  Doctor’s deadliest adversary!


The Story

With a plan to steal the Key to Time. Missy who is impersonating The Doctor has broken the Master out of his Stormcage prison cell. While the two timelords engage in banter they soon find themselves under attack from the prison guards. But help is on the way from an old friend of the Doctor’s. Who believes she is meeting a new incarnation of The Doctor.


The Artwork

Roberta Ingranata continues to impress with solid artwork. I loved the action beats of The Master and Missy fencing, which is nicely juxtaposed with the verbal sparring they are engaged in. The artist has even more fun when she introduced River Song into the mix. The attention to detail is great. I particularly enjoyed the sequence where they finally reach the Tardis and the attention paid to the corridors that they are walking down.

I also enjoyed the flashback on the first pages of Missy in conversation with the 12th Doctor who is giving her a lot of rope.



This second part doesn’t really move the story along that much from last month’s issue. But more than makes up for that with some great dialogue between the two incarnations of The Doctors oldest nemesis. I particularly enjoyed how accurately  Jody Houser manages to capture Roger Delgado’s portrayal of the Master. I loved the sequence where The Master compliments the fake Doctors’ fencing skills. That brief exchange between the two timelords got me wondering if The Master was beginning to catch on to the fact that this wasn’t really The Doctor that was freeing him.

Things then got a little more interesting when River Song turns up and sets about helping them. But you get the impression that even she is suspicious by the time the two Timelords make their escape.

Overall. This is a fun issue that expands on the story just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved the references to the Corsair toward the close of the issue. Which has me hoping that she will turn up at some stage. As for the real Doctor. We still have no clue as to what fate has befallen him. But I’m sure it will not be permanent.

Doctor Who Comic #2.2: Missy
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