The 7-step Guide to Creating and Publishing Your Own Comic Book

Creating comical characters that depict scenes portraying courage, fun, humor and darkness is quite thrilling. You get to highlight a subject by describing a narrative or prose in dialogue...

Creating comical characters that depict scenes portraying courage, fun, humor and darkness is quite thrilling. You get to highlight a subject by describing a narrative or prose in dialogue form using word balloons, which are the traditional method used by comic artists.

They can be captivating and make you break down in tears or laugh your ribs out like Spider-Man, Shrek and The Green Lantern-Green Arrow collections. To start this incredible journey, you need to have a few tips in mind to ensure your comic book sells out to the world. Here is a guide to creating a comic book and publishing it.

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Think of an idea

Every author of a book most certainly started with a notion of what they’ll write about and comic books aren’t an exception. Put down any developments you make on paper or through notebook on your phone or laptop. Anything that crosses your mind is of great importance, as it will ultimately build up what you’ll talk about.

Start by thinking of a narrative that will be visually appealing by easily defining the moments through character dialogue. Have an idea of the structure of the book, the grand opening, the plot, conflict and the resolution. 


Compose a Script

Write down how to make a comic and how you’d want the events of your book to occur by using apps such as Scrivener or a text editor. Ensure you are well vast with the genre you about to write about. It can be adult abstract, celebrity, crime, erotic or a fantasy comic. 

Dig deep into understanding the aims achieved and challenges that your main character will go through. Be rea realistic and ensure you create a comic book with a setting that won’t be exaggerated to your readers. You can run the script through an online plagiarism checker for college papers that can also be used for web content and other material. It’s trusted by thousands of students and scriptwriters worldwide.

Finally, include the commencing of the book, highlighting the topic goals in the middle and the end where conflict is resolved. This is one of the most important aspects of a successful beginner that needs a keen look.


Sketch your idea

The structure of how you relay the book’s message goes a long way into determining whether the readers will fall in love with it. You have to leave your readers in suspense at the end of every page to have an increased urge to finish the book. You can use thumbnails to help in the workout.

You have to follow the three-act structure of introducing the setting, mood and main conflict as act one. Your character’s story, their setbacks, challenges, lessons and the climax as the second act. Finally, the third act involves character transformation.


Show drawing illustrations

This is where you draw your characters in an orderly manner to ensure some space for the dialogue balloon is left. You’ll find this tough, but don’t give up, you’re working here doesn’t have to be perfect. To help, you can use digital art applications such as Manga Studio Ex designed for comic creation.

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Ink and color your drawings

Drawing using a pen and ink allows you to create strong areas of contrast, which most artists often like exploiting. The use of black inks magnifies contrast on white surfaces hence preferred. It also adds depth and volume to your work.

Coloring enables the reader to interpret the mood of the book. Bright and vibrant colors are related to happiness, while dark and somber colors to crime and evil.


Proper wording

If you aren’t good at lettering, you can’t be limited to using apps that are good. Use fonts from a good tool or an app to ensure your readers easily relate with what you are talking about. 

Sell your comic book

This is a hard path to take since people don’t get enticed easily. By using social media as a marketing platform and your friends can help in selling your book.



The journey to perfection is hard but having the right steps to start you off can be of great success to achieving your goal. You don’t have to do it on your own, seek advice from professionals, and collaborate with other artists if need be. In the end, the aim is to get your idea to the public and obviously earn you some income. So start right now and you will end up doing great.


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