In Review: Big Finish Classics: Jekyll and Hyde

Prepare for the fright of your life.

Synopsis: Dr Henry Jekyll believes that there are two distinct sides to men. One side is good and one is evil. 

Intent on separating the two, he succeeds in his experiments. However, in doing so he unleashes a monstrous and uncontrollable alter ego. Edward Hyde mars everything and everyone forever!

Prepare for the fright of your life. Big Finish presents a dramatic new version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic and atmospheric Gothic melodrama, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

This audio production is developed from the 2016 touring stage production. Both are adapted and directed by Nicholas Briggs.

Review: Jekyll and Hyde is yet another superb entry in the Big Finish Classics range. The strength of Nicholas Briggs’ adaptation lies in the source material. 


The Story

Unlike other writers, Briggs doesn’t seek to deconstruct or embellish the story. He understands that Stevenson’s work is a 19th-century novella. Consequently, Briggs is content with a less is more approach.

Indeed, Briggs eliminates much of  Jekyll’s exposition. Instead, he increases Inspector Newcomen’s role. 

As a result, Briggs drives the essential narrative with a forensic procedural sensibility. In short, listeners get the audio equivalent of  “show, not tell.”



Actors not burdened with paragraphs of exposition are freer to focus on their performances. In the end, the entire company delivers visceral interpretations of their roles.

Barnaby Kay does an outstanding job in the Everyman role of Gabriel Utterson. It’s no easy feat playing the steady POV character as the world unravels. Kay carries it off with aplomb.

For his part, Robert Portal matches Kay with a patient rhythm. His layered modulation perfectly suits Inspector Newcomen.

Clare Corbett plays all the female roles. She’s particularly impressive playing the palpably afraid Maisy.

For his part, Nicholas Asbury plays the intensity of Dr. Hastie Lanyon’s existential shock perfectly. His performance opposite Kay is one of the production’s show stoppers.

Of course, the other show-stopper is leading man John Heffernan. He dials back The Nine and goes to town playing the most famous two in gothic literature.



Thank you, Big Finish, for braving Covid and a heat wave to bring us this production. Indeed, Nicholas Briggs and company channel that negative energy into something positively grand.


You can purchase Jekyll and Hyde here. 


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