In Review: Back To The Future #25

Marty uncovers the last secret of Jailbird Joey Baines—while Doc Brown and family prepare for an all-new adventure!

Synopsis: Marty uncovers the last secret of Jailbird Joey Baines—while Doc Brown and family prepare for an all-new adventure!

Review: Having been brought back to 1985. Marty and the professor wind up on a brief adventure with Marty’s Uncle Joey as he tries to put things right.  But it seems that Doc Brown had been several steps ahead of everyone all along.

This was a really good issue to close out the story of Joey Baines and allow the character to have a fresh start. I particularly enjoyed Joey as he realized what a complete and utter idiot Biff was. Especially given that he kind of idolized Biff when he was younger.

The mystery throughout this four-part arc has been a lot of fun with a great many twist and turns. And the reveal of how Doc Brown actually used the money, which Joey was trying to find was so typical of his character.

I quite enjoyed meeting and getting to know Joey Baines and hope that he’ll return in future issues of the comic.

Like with most of these Back To The Future comics. We see a brief lead into a new adventure and I suspect the next story will most likely focus on Doc and his family as they travel through time in their locomotive.

John Barber and Bob Gale have done some brilliant work in keeping the Back To The Future flame alive in these comics and this last story was an absolute joy and would have made for a fun movie in its own right.

The artwork by Marcelo Ferreira has been consistent throughout the comic. I enjoyed the panels in which Joey took Marty, The Professor, and Biff to the site where he thought Doc had buried the movie. It was difficult to gauge what Joey’s endgame was, but it was a relief to find that he was wanting to do the right thing.

Overall. This was a great ending for the mystery surrounding Joe Baines and a great launch point for a new adventure, which we’ll see at some stage next year.

Back To The Future #25
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