Yvette Nicole Brown says she is not after Hardwick’s job!

Regardless of whether or not Brown takes over AMC's Talking Dead or not, she will fill in for Hardwick in San Diego with class, dignity, and a fan's sophistication.

As has been recently reported, Yvette Nicole Brown will be filling in for Chris Hardwick at the upcoming and much anticipated San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) in late July. Aside from appearing on CBS’s hugely successful Mom’s, Brown has become well known to Walking Dead fans for her reoccurring guest appearances on AMC’s, Talking Dead, with Chris Hardwick for several seasons.

While Brown seems a good choice to sit in for Chris Hardwick‘s SDCC Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead panels, rumors have been at a fever pitch over whether or not the comedian/actress/fan will in fact be replacing Hardwick, when Talking Dead returns this August for the rest of Fear The Walking Dead’s incredible fourth season.

But regardless whether or not Brown will be taking over AMC’s Talking Dead, there is one thing Walking Dead fans can be sure of; when Yvette Nicole Brown fills in for Chris Hardwick in San Diego later on this month, she will do so with class, dignity, and a fan’s sophisticated love.

If there’s one thing most viewer’s of Talking Dead might agree on, is that Yvette sure does love her some Walking & Fear the Walking Dead, and she is not shy about it. Further, she seems to genuinely respect what AMC and Robert Kirkman have created not only as a fan, but professionally as well.

So when Brown went on Twitter this past Wednesday to address the Talking Dead replacement rumors, she seemed to be speaking from the heart when she wrote, “I am filling in for a friend, which I have done before, I am not jockeying for a job. I have enough of my own.


Brown went on to write, “It is my prayer that God’s Will is done in the midst of this process & that everyone is okay. My character is known & sound. Nothing has changed.

While Brown also addresses the gravity of the alleged sexual assault allegations from Hadwick’s former girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, which the Talking Dead star has denied, she also seems to be trying to be who she has always been, which seems to be someone real, who cares.

So, regardless of whether or not Yvette Nicole Brown takes over AMC’s Talking Dead or not, she will most definitely fill in for Chris Hardwick at the Walking Dead & Fear The Waling Dead SDCC panels with class, dignity, and a fan’s sophisticated love!


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