Young Actor Ticoon Kim being courted for various big roles

To date in his relatively young career the young star has been in some pretty big shows and portrayed some hard hitting roles.

16 year old actor Ticoon Kim is being courted by various Hollywood big wigs for some pretty juicy roles, which are as yet undisclosed. But one or two may  or may not wind up being in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

To date in his relatively young career the young star has been in some pretty big shows and portrayed some hard hitting roles.

Ticoon Kim first started acting at 10 – years old and one of his earlier roles was a guest shot in an episode of ‘The Odd Squad’, which is an espionage based kids series with a focus on education. Specifically in the field of mathematics.  From there he went on to act in an episode of the hit series ‘Rookie Blue’.

Most recently the young actor has played the lead in two web series ‘2nd Generation’ and ‘Walking On Sunshine’.

‘2nd Generation’ Identity crisis is nothing new to anyone except when you’re dealing with multiple identities. A coming of age story, set in today’s harsh melting pot society, trying to draw the lines between racism, morals, love, friendship, secrets, and having to deal with them all at once.
‘Walking On Sunshine’: Takes a look into the harsh reality of foster kids who try to parent themselves into adulthood. Corrupted by poverty, crime and the need to survive, these foster kids are one inch closer to a criminal organization without a leader. Follow their lives as they try to survive another day.
The actor is indeed enthusiastic about his craft and is on the record for having said:
“I really love it when a script comes in and the role is nothing like me. I love to study parts that are very different from my life too. It allows me to explore characters that I would not normally have any idea about, and yet now I not only know them, I understand them.” 

‘2nd Generation’ takes a realistic look at how high school is for teens in the modern day of our multicultural society. The series centres on Ticoon’s character. The producers liked his name so much that they kept it for his character’s name!

Ticoon believes that while being an actor of Korean and Vietnamese decent filters the number of auditions that he receives, he’s also in an exceptional position to work hard to win them when those opportunities come along.

“In my opinion,” says Ticoon, “there just are not enough Asian creators telling their stories.”

While the work that he has done recently is gritty, Ticoon sees himself more naturally a comedic actor.

Ticoon is a huge fan of television and movies and would be absolutely stoked if he could continue his career of acting in both.

When not acting. The 16 year old star can be found pushing hockey pucks up and down the ice.

Let us hope that the Hollywood Big Wigs line this young star up for some slap shots in the form of great roles regardless of genre.

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