WW84’s Mid-Credit scene is the best part of the film

Spoilers are abound with nothing but high praise for Wonder Woman's surprise guest cameo scene

WW84, directed by Patty Jenkins, is in some ways a disappointment to the throngs of DC Comics and Wonder Woman fans who waited for too long amidst the ongoing pandemic and turmoil of 2020 for the blockbuster we desperately need.

Also, there are a number of great parts to the movie that delivers fun, and exciting superhero moments. In many ways, Wonder Woman 1984 stays true to the strength, power, and beauty of our favorite and most powerful female super hero Wonder Woman, as played by Gal Godot.

Likewise, WW84 leaves fans feeling a bit unfulfilled, the Mid-Credits scene is the film’s saving grace. To the profound delight of every fan’s inner fan-boy, the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, makes an unforgettable cameo as the legendary Asteria.

This is the best part of the film! That part when the pure of heart and geekiest among those watching clapped with excitement and child-like glee.


Lynda Carter’s Heroic Cameo

Lynda Carter’s cameo gives WW84 its most defining and iconic moment that won’t be forgotten. Carter character simply embodies the purity of the moment and is felt by all.

Regardless of the film’s disappointing parts, Gal Godot is still the incredible, powerful, and beautiful Wonder Woman. But Asteria’s appearance is a welcome surprise and Carter’s brief appearance gives WW84 a much needed breath of life.

WW84 will be revered and remembered for introducing Asteria. A powerful female force of nature whose self-sacrifice and heroic example, is one of the most important and embodied morals of the film.

The idea that a true hero is born of real truth. Truth which only comes from within the beloved and tragic hero. A truth that is powerful enough to save the day and make the greatest difference.

At the very least many comic fans will leave WW84 with a smile and a warm heart. Uplifted by the movie’s moral rich message, exemplified by Lynda Carter’s magnificent cameo. The very best part of WW84!

Furthermore, It was great of Lynda Carter to remain open to making an appearance in the movie. And it gladdens the heart that the director Patty Jenkins saved Carter’s debut for the second movie. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Lynda Carter’s new character in the third film. And we here at SciFiPulse can’t wait to see it.

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