Will Walking Dead finale be a cliff hanger from hell!?

We know we will get introduced to Negan, but will we see who he kills at the end of the season finale? Warning, spoilers ahead!

There may in fact be Walking Dead spoilers in the following article so please do not read any further if you prefer to be surprised and watch the season finale on AMC this coming April 3, 2016. With that said however, while I have found the Spoiling dead Fans Facebook page to often times be quite accurate, the following information is in fact unconfirmed and some aspects of these details may in fact be wrong.

It seems as though the upcoming season finale for AMC’s The Walking Dead’s sixth season will in fact be a ninety minute episode which shall most likely be titled, “Last Day on Earth” with the Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page revealing very potentially telling details about the much anticipated final minutes of what will be for some, one of the most important episodes of the season and show.

With that said however, it is being reported that we will in fact be introduced to Negan, as played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, in the last ten minutes or so of the final season 6 episode, along with his already infamous barbed-wired baseball bat that Negan has in fact named “Lucille”.

Apparently, the Saviors will capture Rick and a group of his people as they attempt to get a sick Maggie to the Hilltop to be seen by their doctor, now that Alexandria’s Denise Cloyd, ( Merritt Weaver),was killed by Dwight (Austin Amelio). As Rick’s group are made to kneel outside of the RV, we will then most likely be introduced to Negan and Lucille.

Negan will apparently have a long monologue where he will talk about the large number of his Saviors killed by Rick and his people, along with the fact that ultimately Rick and the rest of the residents of Alexandria will not only give half of everything they have, but they will work for Negan as well.

But if that were not tough enough for Rick to swallow, Negan will let them know that he will in fact be killing one of the group. Then television’s newest bad ass will begin to pick in the most fair way he can think of to choose who will in fact die, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe . . .” as each of Rick’s peoples faces will be seen before Negan does in fact then choose who will die.


And herein lies the potential cliffhanger from hell as Negan begins to bash in the head of the doomed character’s from their perspective, so that we the viewer will potentially not even know which of our beloved characters is in fact getting their head bashed and caved in.

Here is how the Spoiling Dead Fans page actually posted this part, ‘. . . When he finally chooses, the camera view switches to the ill-fated character’s point of view, so we don’t know who has been selected. Negan bashes his/her head and their vision/the camera becomes blurry. Everybody starts shouting at the carnage. Then Negan makes a few more hits causing the ill-fated character to fall on the ground, and after a one more final hit there is a sudden fade to black.’

And just like that the ending credits of the last episode will potentially bring about the end of the latest Walking Dead season, leaving millions of fans waiting in absolute angst until next season when the truth behind who Negan killed will potentially be revealed.

So be prepared to possibly have no resolution to the season long nagging question of who in fact will be killed by Negan in the last episode of the Walking Dead’s sixth season.

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  • Anne Rehnert (@Annie17851)
    28 March 2016 at 8:46 pm -

    Well this will piss fans off mightily. If they do it that way, it is a total disservice and f-u to the fan base.

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