Will the Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Spinoff be a Hit?

After eleven seasons and 177 episodes, The Walking Dead finally came to an end in 2022. Instead of completing all its characters’ arcs in a tidy fashion, however, AMC...
Walking Dead

After eleven seasons and 177 episodes, The Walking Dead finally came to an end in 2022. Instead of completing all its characters’ arcs in a tidy fashion, however, AMC opted to leave numerous threads open for spinoffs.

Of the three future Walking Dead universe offerings that have been announced so far, there has been the most buzz about the Daryl Dixon adventure. Norman Reedus’s character has always been a fan favorite, and it will be interesting to see him in a new setting. Will it be a hit, or is AMC flogging a dead zombie?


Walking Dead Franchise Spans Slot Games and Spinoffs


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It won’t be surprising to see other new casino games released alongside the upcoming spinoffs as this gargantuan franchise continues to expand. These titles help the series get in front of more eyeballs and they do a lot to raise awareness of upcoming releases.


Daryl Dixon Among the Most Beloved Walking Dead Characters


There were so many beloved characters in The Walking Dead, but Daryl was up there with the most popular of them all. As a completely original character who didn’t exist in the source material, the showrunners had a lot of freedom with where they could take him. Reedus’s stunning performance was part of the reason why he became a mainstay, and AMC will be expecting him to pull in huge audiences in the spinoff.

The original plan was for the spinoff to also include Melissa McBride’s Carol Peletier. As another OG character and someone with excellent chemistry with Reedus, this would have been a crowd-pleaser. However, McBride dropped out of the show because she didn’t want to relocate to Europe to film it. Reedus will have to carry it on his own, but by now it could be argued he has the star power to do so.


Is it a Good Decision to Use France as a Setting?


The big question is whether it’s a sensible decision to use France as a setting for the new series. Up to this point, all the various Walking Dead series have occurred in the USA, so it would be nice to see how the apocalypse has affected other locations. However, there are questions over why Angela Kang and Scott M. Gimple chose this European setting.



The UK would have, perhaps, been a better option as there would be English speakers there as well. Now, Daryl will either have to learn French or the characters he meets in France will need to speak English to communicate with him. Another thing that the developers may find hard to explain is how the hero ended up there in the first place. Still, these questions could spark enough intrigue in viewers to persuade them to watch the series.

The Daryl Dixon spinoff has arguably the series’ best character at the helm, and that should be enough to attract viewers in the early days. However, if it’s to be a success, it will need to have a compelling storyline and give viewers something they haven’t seen before in the franchise.

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