Who Has Been The Best League of Legends Player This 2020?

Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo has established himself as the world’s most exciting League of Legends player since joining Top Esports in April. The Chinese boy wonder instantly galvanised the team...

Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo has established himself as the world’s most exciting League of Legends player since joining Top Esports in April. The Chinese boy wonder instantly galvanised the team and helped them surge through to the LPL spring split grand finals. Top Esports fell just short of seizing glory, but they were invincible in the inaugural Mid-Season Cup, which saw them ease past Gen.G in the semi-final and then destroy reigning world champions FPX in the final.

Knight was named MVP after he stole the show with Syndra, while teammate Karsa has also been on song in the jungle, but JackeyLove has been TES’s most consistently brilliant player since he joined the team. Step aside Uzi. There is a new superstar AD carry in town, and JackeyLove has the potential to blaze a trail of destruction throughout the rest of the year.

TES pulled off a significant coup when they captured his signature. The 2018 world champion left Invictus Gaming in November 2019, and some of the world’s finest teams were keen to secure his services, but TES managed to snap him up, forming a devastating team alongside knight, Karsa, 369 and yuyanjia.


The Future of LoL Emerges

In his debut season, JackeyLove carried IG to first place in the LPL 2018 spring split, with an 18-1 record. They went from strength to strength and arrived at the 2018 Worlds full of confidence. They ended up sweeping G2 Esports aside in the semi-finals and then clinching a supremely comfortable 3-0 victory over Fnatic in the finals match.

No youngster has ever achieved such feats in an LoL debut season. At just 17 years old, he went a combined 36-2 in regular-season match scores and became a world champion. He continued to improve last year, and it was only his strong showing against TES in the summer playoffs that allowed IG to advance to the Worlds.

It was therefore surprising to see him leave IG, but perhaps understandable that he wanted to become a free agent and secure the best possible deal. It was also easy to see why TES were so keen to snap him up, as he absolutely destroyed them in that 2019 clash.

Since JackeyLove left, IG have failed to hit the heights they achieved with him in the bot lane, while TES have been transformed since his arrival. He has honed his skills, and he is playing with a newfound maturity.

JackeyLove had a reputation for becoming too excited and making rash decisions that landed him in trouble. He is now a lot more composed, having reeled in the wild plays and established himself as the best AD carry in the world.


Astonishing Performances

TES were unlucky to lose to JD Gaming in the LPL spring final. It was an action-packed, five-game series and JDG had to produce perfect coordination to overwhelm TES. The game-winning play saw LvMao use Bard’s ultimate to freeze every member of TES apart from JackeyLove.

There was little JackeyLove could do to prevent Kanavi from zoning him out, and JDG then went on a simple rampage to clinch the crown. Yet JackeyLove and his teammates emerged with a great deal of credit form that showdown, and they have been on a tear ever since.

They were on fire at the Mid-Season Cup. JackeyLove dazzled on Ezreal when he dealt an outrageous 32.3K damage, and the bot lane was a crucial reason for TES’s resounding victory.

Since then, JackeyLove has continued his blistering form. TES made a 7-0 start to the summer split, and once again knight and JackeyLove have been the stars of the show. It is difficult to pick one over the other as the best player of 2020 so far, as they are very different players and both in exceptional form, but JackeyLove has delivered some truly astonishing performances.

He recorded MVP performances on each map to lift TES to a comprehensive victory over LGD Gaming. There have been many more examples of JackeyLove’s individual brilliance shining through as TES have laid waste to their opponents during this split.


Gunning for Glory

TES are surging with momentum right now and they are favourites in the LoL betting whenever they head into battle. The LPL is ferociously competitive, with excellent teams like FPX, IG, Victory Five and JDG, but none of them look like they can beat TES in a best-of-five battle right now.

They should be the clear favourites to secure victory at the Worlds if Riot Games manages to host the big event later this year. Much will depend upon JackeyLove’s ability to light up the bot lane, and his performances this year suggest he has the composure, flair and panache to pull it off.

He could cement his status as the greatest player in the world right now by becoming a double world champion with different teams before he has even turned 2020. Right now it would take a brave LoL fan to bet against him achieving that feat.

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