Who Could Take Over As Batwoman For the Shows Second Season

5 potential people that could take over the role of Batwoman

News broke late last night that Ruby Rose has chosen not to return as Kate Kane aka Batwoman for the shows second season, but given that the producers can only pick an LBGTQ actor to take over the role. Who could they potentially hire to take over the role?

This discussion broke out really quickly last night as fans took to Twitter, Reddit, and various other forums to discuss ideas. Below are a few suggestions that Nicholas Yanes and myself thought up and are just putting out there for you all to discuss.


Bex Tayor Klaus

Having already appeared in the Arrowverse as Sin. Bex Taylor Klaus has already proven that she can confidently fulfill the action quotient that the role requires. She also has the right level of intensity to play the double role of Kate Kane and Batwoman and has proven herself in a number of roles. With Bex having already played a role in the Arrowverse she’d be a pretty good choice given that she will have already gained a certain amount of goodwill from the fans. This suggestion came from Nicholas Yanes, and I agree that she’d be an awesome choice.

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood may be somewhat of an unrealistic choice with her having worked on higher profiles series such as Westworld, but I’ve added her here because I think she’d be an excellent choice for Batwoman given the work she has done on Westworld. Also Wood might save The CW some money on shelling out for a wig given that she already has flame-red hair, but also has the intensity to play Batwoman, but also has a softer side to her that would make for a more nuanced approach to the role.

Brianna Caitlin Hildebrand

Another suggestion from Nick is Brianna Caitlin Hildebrand who impressed as the smart-mouthed Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the Deadpool movies. Hildebrand is still a very fresh face having not really been given too many opportunities since Deadpool 1 and 2, but has already proved to be a capable actor that can do the action for either television or movies.


Kristen Stewart

Although she is the Hollywood equivalent of marmite in that you either love or hate her. Kristen Stewart could be an option if The CW can find a few extra dollars in their Budget. Known for her work in the Twilight Movies and having played numerous roles since then. Stewart has expressed an interest in wanting to play a gay superhero. So if The CW can spend a bit more. She could be an option.


Sasha Lane

Another choice could be Sasha Lane who proved herself a very strong actress for her role as Star in American Honey but has since gone on to play roles in a few genre-related projects such as Hellboy and the reboot of Amazing Stories. Lane is currently involved in a series called ‘Utopia’, which is in post-production, but should that series fall through. She could be a potential candidate for Batwoman.

So there you have it. Our five suggestions for actors that could take over the role of Batwoman. Feel free to join the conversation and share anyone that you think we have missed out on our list. 

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  • Kane Hixon (@HixonKane)
    20 May 2020 at 4:35 pm -

    Whoever replaces Rose has to realistically be the fraternal twin of 35 year old Rachel Skarsten which puts 23 year old Hildebrand and 25 year old Klaus out of the running because they are far too young and Lane out of the running due to the impossibility of mixed raced twins. Stewart would never do it and Wood seems unlikely so not the best list.

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