Who Could Be The Next James Bond?

Daniel Craig has recently confirmed that he won’t make another James Bond film, although we have heard that before. But if this time his words ring true, the question...

Daniel Craig has recently confirmed that he won’t make another James Bond film, although we have heard that before. But if this time his words ring true, the question is, who will take on the next iteration of this iconic role? From actors who have portrayed complex characters in gripping dramas to those who have starred in action-packed blockbusters, there are several top contenders for the role.

In a world where the stakes are always high, both on screen and when playing on blackjack online UK tables, it’s always a thrill to speculate on who will be the next to don the famous tuxedo and take on the role of the world’s most famous secret agent. Here are the top contenders and odds for the next James Bond:


Aaron Taylor-Johnson (The Favourite)




Next James Bond odds: 11/4

A versatile actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson gained prominence with roles in films such as Nowhere Boy and Nocturnal Animals, the latter earning him a Golden Globe. His recent stints in Tenet and Bullet Train showcased his action chops.

Taylor-Johnson has already shown he can handle physically demanding roles, especially in action-packed films. His secret screen test with producer Barbara Broccoli reportedly went extremely well, and he has even filmed the trademark gun barrel teaser footage. His acting range and ability to portray nuanced characters make him a strong contender.


James Norton

Next James Bond odds: 3/1

James Norton has made a name for himself in a variety of roles, from a psychopath in Happy Valley to a vicar in Grantchester and a mafia boss’s son in McMafia.

Norton’s acting chops are undeniable, and his versatility is a huge asset. Despite downplaying rumours, his role in Rogue Agent, where he played a fake MI5 agent, showcases his ability to embody the spy persona. His diverse portfolio indicates he could bring a fresh perspective to the Bond character.


Henry Cavill



Next James Bond odds: 4/1

Best known for playing Superman, Henry Cavill has also starred in The Witcher and Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Director Matthew Vaughn once said Cavill is “born to do” the role of Bond. He has the looks, the charm, and the experience in action roles. His departure from the role of Superman also leaves him available for a new franchise commitment.


Regé-Jean Page


Next James Bond odds: 4/1

Regé-Jean Page became a global sensation thanks to his role as the Duke of Hastings in Bridgerton.

Page’s charisma is off the charts, and he has already proven he can play sophisticated, powerful characters. His role in the upcoming The Gray Man and Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves indicates a move towards more action-oriented roles. Director Joe Russo’s praise for his charisma suggests that he has the star power necessary for the role.


Tom Hardy


Next James Bond odds: 7/1

Tom Hardy is no stranger to blockbuster films, having starred in Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk, and Venom.

Hardy has the acting range, the physicality, and the star power to take on the role of Bond. Although he has downplayed the rumours, his previous audition for the role and his versatility as an actor make him a strong candidate. His age might be a factor, but it didn’t stop Daniel Craig from taking on the role at a similar age.


Idris Elba (The Outsider)


Next James Bond odds: 20/1

Golden Globe winner Idris Elba has a diverse filmography, including The Wire, Luther, Pacific Rim, and Suicide Squad. Elba has the charisma, the physicality, and the acting prowess to play Bond. Although he has ruled himself out, his global fanbase and previous accolades make him a fan favourite. His

age might be a consideration, but he has consistently shown he can handle physically demanding roles.


The race to become the next James Bond is heating up, and each contender brings a unique set of skills and attributes to the table. Whether it’s Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s nuanced performances, James Norton’s versatility, Henry Cavill’s charm and experience, Rege-Jean Page’s charisma and rising star power, Tom Hardy’s acting range and physicality, or Idris Elba’s global fanbase and accolades, each actor has a strong case for taking over the iconic role. Whoever ends up donning the famous tuxedo will have big shoes to fill as they take on the legacy of James Bond.

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  • Mark Amende
    30 August 2023 at 2:48 am -

    Idris was the only real bankable contender in your list, and he is too old, now, for a minimum three movie release window (based on current release pattern). Such a shame. Such a loss. He would have been AMAZING.

  • dalek01012
    30 August 2023 at 7:46 pm -

    Aye I think Elba would have been a good choice. Not sure about Aaron Taylor Johnson in the role. Tom Hardy would not work for me. Henry Cavill maybe okay, but thing he’d be a better villain. And I haven’t really seen anything with Regé-Jean Page. So could not really make a judgement on whether he’d be good or not in the role.

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