What We’d like to see in ‘Captain Marvel 2’

Some suggestions to make 'Captain Marvel 2' better than the first film

2019’s Captain Marvel film starring Brie Larson as the eponymous character is one of the most polarising films in recent years. While some have praised it for showing a powerful female hero others have criticized the movie for pushing an agenda. So what would make Captain Marvel 2 better than its predecessor? Here are my thoughts:

An opponent who can physically challenge Captain Marvel

It might be nice to see the MCU debut of villains such as the Super Skrull or Super Adaptoid to give Carol Danvers an actual challenge. One of the things that occurred to me in the weeks after I saw the first Captain Marvel was that she seemed to be a little bit too invincible at times. It might be interesting for Carol Danvers to lose her powers and have to make a hero’s journey to get them back or even for her to face down the film’s villain with no powers. This would truly make Captain Marvel a hero that everyone could get behind. It would be good to see the Brood in the MCU and for Captain Marvel to change into Binary at the film’s climax giving her the extra power she needs to defeat the enemy.


A love interest for Carol Danvers

The first Captain Marvel film had plenty of ship tease between Carol Danvers and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and some fans support a relationship between Carol and Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch). A love interest would provide Captain Marvel 2 with an extra dimension that the first film did not capitalize on. Maybe this new love interest secretly works for the villains, or is the main villain? Perhaps it’s someone from Carol Danvers’s civilian life that constantly gets on her nerves? It could be that Captain Marvel’s powers are transferred to this person temporarily. Whichever road they decide to go down I think an official love interest that we see share a kiss with Captain Marvel is what this film needs.


Flashbacks of the Walter Lawson version of Mar-Vell

Many people were angry that Mar-Vell was portrayed by Annette Bening in Captain Marvel. It might be interesting for the MCU’s Captain Marvel to start experiencing flashbacks of a male Captain Marvel which could bring in the idea that her powers link all those who have received them in a kind of race memory, as well as honor the Walter Lawson version of the character. This could potentially set up a Captain Marvel Corps film in the future in which many versions of Captain Marvel are brought together to face an even greater threat. This could be a way to bring in the Beyonder as well.


Moral ambiguity in Captain Marvel’s character

In the comics, Captain Marvel’s actions become increasingly morally dubious in her role as the leader of a team that uses Ulysses’ precognitive powers to pre-empt future criminals. It would be intriguing to see Carol Danvers become steadily more and more drunk with power to the point where only one of her human friends (her love interest?) can turn her back to the light. I’m not saying that the character should be evil, more than she should, in my opinion, have different layers to her character. Carol Danvers might be afraid that her great strength will end up hurting someone she cares about, or perhaps she fails to save someone which makes her more ruthless in her role as a superhero.

What would you like to see in Captain Marvel 2? Did you enjoy the first Captain Marvel? Please leave your comments below and remember, the cake is a lie.

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