What We Want From Judge Dredd Series ‘Mega City One’

We'd like Dredd to be played by an actor that can embody the role as well as Karl Urban did

Late last week it was announced that there would be a TV series called ‘Mega City One’.

The announcement was made by Producer Brian Jenkins and Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley.

By the sounds of what is said in the short video, which announces the series. Both Kingsley and Jenkins have ploughed there way through years and years worth of Dredd Comics and plan to bring us the grit and the comedic elements from the comic books.

In the movie Dredd, which starred Karl Urban we only really got to see the edgier side of things, but that said it still seemed more respectful to the comics than the Sylvester Stallone version. Which made some major mistakes. The biggest being Dredd removing his helmet.

Karl Urban kicks ass with the best onscreen interpretation of Judge Dredd to date.

But what would we like to see in a Judge Dredd TV Series?

For starters if Dredd is to be a part of Mega City One. We’d like him to be played by an actor that can embody the role as well as Karl Urban did. That’s assuming that they cannot get Urban to return to the role. It would be awesome if he did.

We’d also like to see more of the characters of Mega City, which by sounds of things is what they are going to try and do. Thus far the films have given us a lot about the Judges, but very little about the people that actually reside in the city. The comics have a great collection of characters who all have some very fun things going on. So it would be great to see the Judges through their eyes.

Another thing we’d  like to see is Judge Death. We’ve had two movies over the last few decades and not a single one has brought us Judge Death. Whether this is to do with complex budgetary reasons. I do not know. But an episode or a small arc of episodes with Judge Death or even the effects of his mere presence in Mega City would be a really cool thing.

Death is from a parallel version of Mega City where everything is the inversion of Mega City One. So it would be awesome to see him pop up.

The new show is actually two years away. So those that don’t have much of a knowledge about Dredd have plenty of catching up to do and countless comics to look at.

The good folks at Downthetubes have made an excellent post with some suggestions for those wanting to get a better understanding of the characters and themes within the Judge Dredd universe. So go check it out.

Also the official 2000 AD Youtube Channel have posted a video, with some suggestions, which is included below.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments and share in the excitement about these recent announcements.

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