What to expect from season 2 of Star Wars Rebels

If The Siege of Lothal is any indication of what season 2 will look like, the Force is sure to be strong in the coming season of Star Wars Rebels!

With the recent premiere of Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal in a one hour event on Disney XD this past weekend, the stage is now set for the second season of Star Wars Rebels this coming fall.

Last season ended with a hint of the beginning of a growing movement against the Empire, but this season actually sees the crew of the Ghost becoming integrated into a much larger and well organized interstellar Rebellion. The Siege of Lothal introduced Phoenix Squadron and the beginning of Rebel Fleet viewers of the series, along with a rescue mission to save Minister Maketh Tua from the clutches of Grand Moff Tarkin and the evil Empire.

The episode also saw the Ghost’s crew pitted against the evil Lord Vader himself, as Kanan and Ezra barely escaped with their lives after engaging in a lightsaber duel with the dreaded dark Sith Lord and former jedi, Anakin Skywalker.

What was also great about the season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels was the presence of not only Anakin Skywalker’s past apprentice, Ashoka Tano as voiced by Ashley Eckstein from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but also Lando Calrissian as voiced by Billy Dee Williams, and of course Darth Vader as voiced by the great James Earl Jones.

Likewise it has been confirmed that Sarah Michelle Gellar will also be joining the cast of season 2 as a yet undisclosed character.

While the first hour long series event for season 2 of Star Wars Rebels,  was a great beginning to the upcoming second season, Star Wars fans are in for the ride of their life this season as Star Wars Rebels is set to at least double the  number of episodes from last seasons 13 to 22 episodes in season 2.

Dave Filoni, the executive producer of Star Wars Rebels, hinted that there could be a confrontation between Ahsoka and her former Master, who is now Lord Vader. He also went on to say, “But it’s not like she’s going to have a bunk on the Ghost anytime soon. She needs to remain kind of a mysterious figure who is woven in and out of the story.”

There will also be some fan favorite characters appearing in the next season such as, Captain Rex, Gregor and Wolf, all of whom are voiced by, Dee Bradley Baker, who will also be joining the cast of season two.

There will also be two new Inquisitors making a dramatic entrance during the second season, one being a large male character with a dual lightsaber, and another masked Inquisitor who looks to be a female (could this be Sarah Michelle Gellar?) ; one of which may very well be the cause of a Rebel team members death in season two.

There are also bound to be plenty of other great plot twists in the coming season of Star Wars Rebels and if The Siege of Lothal is any indication of what the rest of the season will look like, the Force is sure to be strong in the coming season of Star Wars Rebels!

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