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Next week sees the launch of WandaVision. And indeed, the beginning of an extension to the MCU. Fear not, SciFiPulse will be on hand

Next week sees the launch of WandaVision. And indeed, the beginning of an extension to the MCU. Fear not, SciFiPulse will be on hand to review weekly episodes. But before we get to that, let’s have a look at what we might expect to see. We’re excited to see the return of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch (a.k.a Wanda Maximoff) and Paul Bettany as Vision. Furthermore, it will be a brand new era now, as the MCU expands even further. There’s already been some incredible moments. And fantastic storytelling. Now, we’re set to see more tie-ins, set ups and possibly elements from the comics we’ve been waiting for. It’s truly exciting times for all things Marvel.


Classic Outfits

We know we’re getting this. Because we’ve seen glimpses of it in the WandaVision trailer. As soon as that dropped there was excitement. Fans love this sort of thing. And we’re no different. Just as it was cool, and fun, to see Captain America (Chris Evans) in his 1940s original costume, we’re looking forward to seeing Vision (Paul Bettany) in green and gold, alongside Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) wear her traditional tiara/devil-horn hybrid headpiece. Oh, and capes, too. We love a good, old school cheesy cape. Who doesn’t?

Further Character Development

This is likely the “bread and butter” of the show. A staple for any character driven drama. That’s very much what we’re expecting to see from WandaVision. For it to be character led. But of course, it’s the unique ways it will impact upon show’s two titular characters that will keep us tuning in. The details. Whilst the trailer appears to cast Wanda as the primary lead role, it likely won’t be as simple as that.

The big question on everyone’s lips is Vision’s fate. We know that Thanos (Josh Brolin) killed him in Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Whilst removing the mind stone. Or, do we? All we really know is his body was left. Not destroyed. So, he may well have been brought back. If so, that could come at a cost . . . Using his creation as a way to upset the apple cart was how Vision came to be, in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). So, if Wanda somehow resurrects him, this concept may again be a notable theme in his story ongoing arc.

Canonical References

With a good sized catalogue to now choose from, there’s plenty of options. The writers can use them to get creative. That’s exactly what they’ve done so far. No reason why this won’t continue. The obvious person to use in the show’s 1950s setting would be Captain America (Chris Evans). News is Evan’s is done with the role, so very unlikely. But Sebastian Stan isn’t done with Bucky Barnes. Could he show up? He’s due, alongside Anthony Mackie as Falcon, to star in In The Winter Soldier and Falcon (2021). Which brings us to . . .

Series Crossovers

The cinematic success of comic book movies has very much belonged to Marvel. And more recently, to Disney, following their acquisition of character rights. DC has had some success on the big screen, but mostly it’ s been the exception to the rule. The MCU has had hit after hit. Major blockbuster after major blockbuster. What it hasn’t had though is the same success in its streaming series. At least not in terms of viewing numbers, anyway. But all that looks to change very soon. A part of the plan must be to use crossovers.

The Netflix era “small screen” didn’t really take off. There was crossing over, and even one series of DefendersĀ 2017). But nothing like the scale of the DC T.V. universe. That’s really been a success. Disney know what a good thing looks like. And now, there own extension of the MCU into streaming will likely incorporate aspects of the DC one. Such as the hugely popular Crisis on Infinite Earths.

New MCU Central Story Arc Building

One thing that the MCU has done superbly is plot-building. The “Infinity Saga” was truly unprecedented. Nobody could have predicted quite how successful the MCU would become. Partly, it’s down to drawing viewers in, via an arc that spanned nearly twenty films. It was building from day one. Firstly, the groundwork for Avengers (2012) was laid. Smartly, and with clever, teasing post credit scenes. Something big was brewing. Soon, it wasn’t just traditional comic-book fans who were loving it. An entire army of new fans flocked to see the rising stars. Our recent feature Sci-fi: No Longer Nerdy further explores the rising popularity of speculative fiction.

We don’t know exactly how WandaVision will feed into the larger cinematic universe. But we can be almost certain it will. There’s been talk of Scarlet Witch being a big player in the MCU multiverse, which seems to be on the way. Some even think that she isĀ the Multiverse! When it comes to setting up huge things you need powerful characters. Wanda certainly fits that category. Her true abilities have only been glimpsed. Really, we’ve just scratched the surface. All that may be set to change, big time. Starting very soon.


WandaVision starts Friday 15th January 2021 and is exclusively available on Disneyplus. It will run for nine episodes. To help celebrate its hotly anticipated release, we’re bringing you a very special edition of May The Verse Be With You, the day the first episode drops.


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