WandaVision: Season One Assessed

WandaVision Season One, the first MCU streaming series, had its season finale, last week. We've been really impressed with the show.
WandaVision Season One

WandaVision Season One, the first MCU streaming series, had its season finale, last week. We’ve been really impressed with the show. Both Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany were great. Furthermore, the support cast were great, too. For example, Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau. But it wasn’t just the good guys who were good, so was Kathryn Hahn, who played Agatha Harkness, or “Agnes”. With that in mind, and more, SciFiPulse is assessing the whole shebang, whilst revisiting features we’ve ran, during WandaVision Season One. We’ll go through what went well, suggest our idea for the future, and then have a look at the all important aspect: how is the MCU, overall, effected? We’ll start with our first feature, ran before the opening two episodes aired – WandaVision: What to Expect,


What Went Well

In short, pretty much everything went well. We recently discussed what had gone so well, in our most recent podcast episode. Some aspects of WandaVision: What to Expect were seen on the show. The character development of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) was particularly strong. That was a key element, as she’s now ready to feature heavily, in her new guise as The Scarlet Witch. Before we saw her new outfit, which itself was cool, we saw a reference to the original comic-book costume. That was a great bit of fun, as was seeing Vision in his, too. They both came into play during the excellent episode, All New Halloween Spooktacular. But what else went well?


Some Suggestions Going Forward

We thought it best to make suggestions, as opposed to talk about what didn’t go well. Because really. there wasn’t much that didn’t impress, and certainly nothing that didn’t work. WandaVision: Season One really was a brilliantly made show. There are many reasons why. Among them are the ideas of “good” and “bad”, being dealt with. Great writing, evident from the show’s writers, knows that people are complicated creatures. They have powerful motivations, and often feel justified in actions, which other so easily condemn. With that in mind, perhaps we could see Vision return (“White Vision”), who was remade on the orders of Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg). Seeing Paul Bettany return, again as an adversary, might be a great way to spin out the ongoing MCU love story saga.

Another way to introduce an interesting villain might be to have it out and out be The Scarlet Witch, herself. But not as a choice. The persona of the powerful sorceress might overtake Wanda, completely. At least for a while. We’ve already spoken about implications for the character, in From Wanda Maximoff to Scarlet Witch, and how the basis of her abilities work. We know that Wanda/Scarlet Witch is tipped to play an important role in the upcoming Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness (2022). But beyond that, there are many possibilities for what is arguably the most powerful character so far, to be a permanently established feature in the MCU. Furthermore, the book Wanda was reading. The Darkhold, previously featured in Agents of Shield, could indeed twist Wanda’s mind.

Further MCU Implications

One possibility is that Scarlet Witch will be the link to the inevitable introduction of X Men, into the MCU. There are already theories which claim her using the hex power to absorb Westville might have created altered beings. An argument for that exists in the shape of Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris). Her DNA has been altered. As a result we saw her begin to exert powers. That’s just one possibility, though. She’s a great addition, and her inclusion going forward should see her characterization be developed further, too.

Now, S.W.O.R.D is beginning to be established within the MCU. The scene during the credits referenced how it will go onto feature. Monica Rambeau looks to be a big part of it. WandaVision, Five Theories covered the appearance of The Beekeeper. We may well see more about it, with the future revealing what’s what. It may mean we see more of Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), too, which is always cool. Perhaps Monica will be one of his lieutenants on Earth. We definitely know she’ll be in the next Captain Marvel movie.

Beyond phase 4, we don’t know much. Though, it’s unlikely that Scarlet Witch or Vision will be fully written out. Vision’s death and resurrection would lose meaning, if he were to die again so soon. The two poems from May The Verse Be With You, Vision’s Vision and A Scarlet Spell drew on themes of love, and associated grief from losing those close to you. Such ideals may continue to be an important feature for Scarlet Witch. Additionally, Vision may also experience emotions differently now, as he becomes more human.

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