WandaVision: Five Theories

With WandaVision, comes  first MCU streaming series. Last week's episode saw some big changes. Considering that the show is only three
WandaVision Theories

With WandaVision, comes the first MCU streaming series. Time for some WandaVision theories. Last week’s episode saw some big changes, from the WandaVision debut episodes, one and two. Consequently, this feature isn’t spoiler free. We’ll need to refer to events, so stuff makes senses. Considering that the show is only three episodes in, we don’t know a great deal, yet. But we do know Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) will now have more than just themselves to consider. Regardless of whether their children are real, they will be to them. At least for now. As well as other stuff that may or may not be going on, we chat about them, here. So, let’s consider a few things, as we go through five ideas. And, try to make sense of stuff, offering five WandaVision theories  . . .


Wanda World: Theory 1

In recent feature, WandaVision – What To Expect: Five Things we talked about character development. And the importance of it. The world of the show is clearly one that’s been fabricated. An interesting way to look at characters. Explore their motives, desires and personalities. What we don’t know is whether Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is wilfully creating the world, and the concept of Westview.

One things she’s not lacking is motivation to make a new reality. The reason that Wanda might be doing so is grief. A common theory. If this were true what it would mean is that Wanda’s abilities might be inadvertently impacting others. She may have gone too deep into her fantasy. Maybe, that’s why Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) has been sent in. But she may well have “gone native”, now . . .

Wanda World: Theory 2

Let’s say that Wanda isn’t controlling things. That she’s being forced to make the world of the story (the one so far, anyway). There’s a chance that she could have made some sort of a pact, with someone or something that’s allowed her to have Vision (Paul Bettany) back. Well, at least the illusion of it. We’ve seen her in the “real” world. Hooked up to some sort of machine. What we’re seeing could be the result of an experiment. Or, something more sinister. Torture, maybe. Though, the full extent of her powers are only becoming known. This may mean that whoever is keeping her “under” isn’t a baddy. They may be trying to protect against her growing abilities.


Are They Multi-Verse Versions?

This is maybe the least unlikely theory. But it’s a fun idea to explore. Admittedly, it’s almost definitely not the case, but the multiverse is going to come into play in the MCU. So, the idea that who we’re seeing are alternate versions makes it onto our WandaVision Theories list. It’s even possible that two versions of the title characters have somehow come to merge. Could Wanda have occupied the body of herself in another version of reality? Stranger things have happened, in the world of Marvel. Especially when you consider the vast history of the comics. And storylines. Whatever it turns out to be, the Multi-Verse looks to feature soon in WandaVision, which is cool.

The Bee Keeper

The big question is, of course, who is “The Bee Keeper?”. Furthermore, will they be the next MCU “big bad”? Quite possibly. That’s something that we’ll look at in one of our upcoming Podcast Episodes, Hopefully, to tie in with the eventual reopening of cinemas, around the world. What we do know is that The Bee Keeper is creepy. Visually, they look in place regardless of the era, which works.

Screenrant have offered their say on The Bee Keeper, in their article Beekeeper Explained. They mention that the S.W.O.R.D. emblem is on the suit. We’ve possibly seen the start of SWORD in the MCU, in the Spiderman: Far From Home (2019). And the start of it in Captain Marvel (2019), in the same year. But perhaps it might be Swarm, too. There’s a real buzz about the Bee Keeper’s identity . . .

The Twins

So, to the last of our WandaVision Theories. Something that will be interesting is whether the twins are real or not. If Wanda is able to have children with Vision, it would be a massive example of her powers. Essentially, we’d know she can definitely mold reality to her choosing. If the “children” are real, they could be used in the show, or the MCU. Given how quickly they gestated, it’s fair to assume they could undergo rapid aging. And they may have super long life spans. Consequently, they might feature as more than plot devices, being key to MCU events. How much will be taken from the comics, and used, is guesswork, but the MCU has done a great job so far in adapting various elements. So, with this in mind, we might just see quite different onscreen versions of Wanda and Vision’s twins.


WandaVision airs weekly, Fridays, on DisneyPlus. There’s 9 episodes in Season 1. SciFiPulse will be on hand to review them all, along with accompanying features. There’s also “A Scarlet Spell” and “Vision’s Vision”, in weekly fun feature May The Verse Be With You.


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