Walking Dead’s Micahel Cudlitz talks Southland and Gun Ranges

Cudlitz relates his role in Southland with the ongoing gun debate...

Any fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead will remember Michael Cudlitz fondly as the zombie killing, no holds barred Army Sargent, Abraham, who skillfully uses colorful language in Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse.

Cudlitz appeared as a guest at one of Florida’s largest conventions in Orlando, Florida, MegaCon, in which he was asked by the moderator of his Q&A session, the one or two most important things he took away from his time portraying officer John Cooper in Southland.

The actor responded by saying, “There’s a couple of things. On Southland, we worked with currently serving and retired LAPD.” After asking to see if there were any law enforcement individuals in the audience, Cudlitz continued on saying, “I recommend that there are some interesting debates going on around the country” before pausing slightly to add, “I’m not going to get political because I don’t like getting political.

But, I think the entire country should do two things.” as he moved forward, “They should go to the gun range at least once, so the argument becomes actually about what the argument should be about. Not some emotional argument about people arguing things they don’t know about.

When you go to a gun range you realize,” as Cudlitz almost affectionately emphasizes, “how much F#@%ing fun it is to fire a gun!” with an enthusiastic and good-natured applause mixed with laughter erupting from most of the audience. Cudlitz smiles taking in the crowd reaction before looking around and adding to his point.

Waiving his hand slightly back and forth he continues, “You can actually argue about all this safety shit and say, well you don’t need that (referring to guns) anyway.” pausing for effect before sarcastically adding, “ . . . weeelll there’s a lot of stuff you don’t need. You know, we don’t need (with emphasis) . . . alcohol,” with people in the crowd laughing as if thinking about a world without alcohol as Cudlitz humorously ends his thought with a shrug and a smile, “but maybe we need shots.” with the crowd again erupting in laughter.

And two; you should at least go if you can if your principality allows a ride-along. Because there’s a lot of discussions that people have about the same exact things, emotional responses to things they know nothing about.” With that, however, the actor seemed to instinctually feel that he was about to get into a sensitive subject and finished his thought by saying, “But I’ll leave it at that.

The two most important things we got for depicting or trying to fully realize what an officer goes through is one; the radio call is always never the call. Like, what comes over the radio is rarely what you’re actually responding to because you’re responding to somebody whose reporting something that they think they saw typically.

Cudlitz then continues to say, “And two, watch the hands. The hands are what kill you. Nobody can kill you if you know exactly what their hands are doing and you control their hands.Cudlitz then moves his hand under the table for effect, “When the hands disappear, you don’t know what’s under here.

Putting his hands back on top of the table, “When the hands are up here you know what’s going on. When the hands disappear that’s when things go bad, can get bad.” Looking back at the moderator he finishes saying, “So those are the two takeaways.

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