Voyager alumni arrested in Tennessee

Jennifer Lien who played "Kes" on Star Trek: Voyager is again facing legal issues.

Sadly, it must be reported that Jennifer Lien, the actress who played “Kes” in Star Trek: Voyager’s first three seasons, was arrested twice recently. The first time on February 27th, and then again on March 2nd, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Both times the Star Trek actress was arrested for driving on a revoked license. 

After a deputy noticed Lien’s vehicle on the road with no visible driving tags, a traffic stop was initiated, with the actress being arrested, after the officer discovered that her license had been recently revoked due to a previous DUI.

According to, after Voyager, Lien appeared in American History X along with Edward Norton, and also performed voice over work for Men in Black: The Series, and The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

After getting married in 2002 to writer and filmmaker Phil Hwang, Lien retired from acting in 2003 to pursue a career in the medical field.

According to IMDb, when asked about acting, Lien has been quoted as saying, “I really don’t want to act anymore. It was pretty easy. It was actually becoming something that didn’t fit into my life anymore. I still love acting, but I don’t like that life anymore. I can’t.

Likewise, Lien attended a 2010 Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas and said, “It was great to see everyone again and feel that way again. It just felt good. They’re all great people and that’s something that will never happen again to me, being with that sort of group of people. That was truly incredible and special for me.

Regretfully, in 2012 Lien was arrested for  domestic assault, and in 2015 she was again arrested for indecent exposure. The charges were however dropped after the actress paid restitution in the case.

SciFiPulse sincerely wishes Jennifer all the best and hopes she is able to get through these current issues and into bluer skies in the very near future!

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