Karl Urban confirms Dredd 2 in Development

At the 2016 Denver Comic Con Karl Urban gives Judge Dredd fans an early Christmas Gift with news of a second movie in the Dredd franchise currently being worked on.

Karl Urban who portrays Dr. McCoy in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond due to be released this coming July 2016, appeared at the recent Denver Comic Con, and after being asked by a fan about his possible future involvement in a sequel to the fan favorite ‘Dredd‘ movie from 2012, Urban indicated that Dredd 2 was in fact in development.

Urban went on to say that the problem in getting a sequel produced to date was the film’s poor box office performance when it was released in 2012. The actor indicated that this was however due to poor marketing, but thanks to great DVD sales of the movie afterwards, the property has managed to find an audience.

So in fact it does seem that Dredd 2 is in development, but Urban did not elaborate on exactly what aspects of the sequel are currently being worked on and likewise, the actor did not say whether the next installment in the Dredd franchise would be a movie or if it was being created for another platform like Amazon or Netflix.

Urban went on to say that he would in fact do the sequel so long as he felt that the sequel had enough depth and substance.


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