In Review: Unseen Shadows – The Knights Of Cademus: A Tale Of Two Henchmen

Kidnapping, torture and murder are all in a day’s work for a Knight of Cademus.

Synopsis: Kidnapping, torture and murder are all in a day’s work for a Knight of Cademus. Their blind loyalty and faith to the Book of Cademus is only matched by their ruthlessness towards those who would oppose its will.

Review: The ‘Unseen Shadows’ universe continues to expand with this new story from the pen of Virgil Yendell.

The story focuses on two time periods of ‘The Knights Of Cademus.’ One of which is set in the present day. The other is set in the past.

This tale about young Roy a youth offender who is indoctrinated into the order via a charitable rehabilitation centre for juveniles is cleverly juxtaposed with the story of  Joachim Bischoff. As knight of Cademus from the very beginnings of the secret order.

Yendell’s script take the reader on a journey of discovery about how far the order of Cademus will go in order to recruit new people, but also bring existing members back into line.

We get to see just how brutal the training is for initiates of Cademus is. The final test sees new members drugged to the point where they hillusinate.

The artwork by James Evans works well with the story and has a unique and dramatic look that lends a certain degree of gravitas to the parts of the story that are set in the past.

The comics lettering, which is also done by Evens is clear and easy to read and follow. I particularly enjoyed the splash page in which we see Joachim reciting the mantra of the order of knights.

The comics also had a full on explanation about the order of knights to provide new comers with somewhat of an explanation for who Cademus is and how far back the order goes.

This 22 pages worth of comic book goodness is a great addition to the Unseen Shadows Universe, which was birthed from the best selling ‘Fallen Heroes’ novel by Barry Nugent.

I’d be interesting in learning more back story to this particular section of mythology from ‘Unseen Shadows’, which I hope will be in Barry Nugent’s second novel in the series.

You can order your own copy of this comic on 25 May at Comixology.

The Knights Of Cademus: A Tale Of Two Henchmen
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