Universal & NBC Missing a Trick With General Lack of ‘Grimm’ Tie-In Merchandise

'Grimm' is a fantasy television show that caught the imaginations of fans around the world a few years back. So much so that even we have heard about it, which is evidenced by our extremely popular article which offered up a few good reasons why NBC should bring the show back.

‘Grimm’ is a fantasy television show that caught the imaginations of fans around the world a few years back. So much so that even we have heard about it, which is evidenced by our extremely popular article which offered up a few good reasons why NBC should bring the show back. But, I generally feel that they could potentially do a whole lot more than just bring Grimm back. In that NBC and Universal are missing a few tricks by letting the franchise lie. As there is a ton of potential for action figures, comics, and even Tie-In video games, which am sure the real hardcore fans would go for.

I live in England in the northwest and in recent weeks I’ve been rewatching Grimm and am as blown away by it now. As I was when I first viewed the series. The show’s characters are fun and engaging, but the mythology of the series being inspired by Grimm Fairytales means that you have all sorts of potential for action figures, games, and even masks of the various different Wesen that we saw throughout the series. In fact, I find it quite surprising that we’ve not seen a Grimm Video game given that so much of the show’s premise would convert well into a story-driven game.


‘Grimm’ Video Game Ideas




We know that video games tied into a movie or a television franchise can be rather hit and miss. But when done right like Sony’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles Morales they can be very engaging and sell really well.

As we all know. Grimm was part police procedural and part supernatural horror series, which was very much inspired by the original Brothers Grimm stories and not the Disneyfied versions. So to that end. We feel that a video game based on the series could work as pretty much a police procedural where you get to play any of the key characters from the show or create your own character. You can choose to be a Grimm a Wessen or a human character and perhaps be working as a Police officer or as a member of a secret society. Hell, the mythology is so rich in this series that you could most likely have the game be an open-world action RPG kind of a game.


RPG and Adventure Elements

Should NBC ever license the show to a video games developer… Then the potential for a decent action-adventure role-playing game would be massive. In the series, Detective Nick Burkhardt would often call upon his friends Monroe and Rosalee for help. In fact, most of season two saw Monroe and Rosalee having to concoct various potions in order to firstly help Nick’s girlfriend Juliette get her memories back. But also come up with a potion to reverse the effects of a zombie-like virus that a Voodoo type Wessen had infected some people with. In short Monroe and Rosalee would have to find the ingredients that they needed and make the potion. In games, this is called crafting, which is an element of gaming that I’m a huge fan of. 


Sony’s Spider-Man games successfully rendered New York. The same could be done on a Grimm game for Portland


Another asset that Grimm has in its favor for a video game is the various locations. In the series, much of the action was based in Portland Oregon, but we also traveled to Switzerland and Germany on the series. Now if you look at the work that Sony did on their Spider-Man games to bring New York to gamers. Then I say that there is no reason why a developer could not do the same with Portland for a Grimm game.

We already have key locations that would look great in the game. Nick’s trailer, for example, would be a fun place to explore as would be Rosalee’s spice shop and of course Munroe’s home. Especially at Christmas time when he has the train set out. Added to that you have the various landmarks of Portland as well as the mountains as great settings for the action to take place.


Character Types

As we all know. RPG and Adventure games often have character types. So would a Grimm game. In that, you could give people options to play as Human, Grimm, or Wesen characters. Not to mention the fact that you have so many different kinds of Wesen to choose from, which would make things really interesting. Especially when it came to combat scenarios. I could see this game being a mix of strategy and adventure with some Dungeons and Dragons elements to it.

The mythology and the history that we saw throughout Grimm’s six seasons really gives game developers tonnes of possibilities in regards to character types as well as story potentials. Added to that. Once you have a base game. There is loads of potential for DLC and you could always leave so much of it as open-source so that the PC modding communities can get involved. And with a good writing team, there would be lots of story potential for narrative-driven gaming too.


Comic Books

It’s fair to say that you could easily describe ‘Grimm’ as ‘Law and Order’ meets ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer as it always felt a little like a hybrid of those two shows. Accept with a male lead. Now since Buffy went off the air back in the early 2000s the show has continued life in Comic Book form. So why couldn’t we have the same for Grimm? I mean it’s something that would easily sell especially given how loyal the show’s fan base is.

Every single character on Grimm appealed to people on some level. Meaning that you could do endless spin-off stories as well as prequel stories. There is endless stuff referenced in the series about how various Wesen served during wars and other events throughout history. All that stuff could be brought to life in a comic book series. So why hasn’t NBC thought to do this? I know that they are looking to do a TV spin-off, but nothing new has been released about that since 2018. So why not do a comic book mini-series or something to tie the fans over.


Action Figures & Other Merch



This last one is another trick that NBC is missing. License the Grimm characters out to Funko and other toy companies that specialize in doing action figures and collectibles. I’d love to own a few copies of the books and stuff that Nick had in his aunt’s trailer. The artwork was gorgeous and unique. What fan in his or her or their right mind wouldn’t want to own a book describing the different Wesen and how the Grimms came to encounter them? I certainly would.

Hell, you could even launch a range of Wessen Masks for Halloween one year and make an absolute killing. You only need to look at the types of things sold at websites such as Entertainment Earth and Forbidden Planet to see the potential.

So, I’ve had my say. What do you guys who are fans of the series think? Feel free to let us know in the comments.


UK Fans can enjoy Grimm all over again on The Peacock Streaming service, which has just launched on SKY Television.


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