Umbrella Academy Season 2: What’s Coming, and How Will it Build on Season 1?

"We look at five possibilities that could happen and assess how they'd work"

With the second season of Umbrella Academy due to drop on Friday (31st July 2020), we look at five possibilities that could happen and assess how they’d work, based on the established formula. Season 1 was brilliantly refreshing, and we can’t wait to see what will go down. It promises to be fun, action packed and potentially even better . . .


More Cool Music

One of the great things about season one was the soundtrack. The scenes were matched so well to the songs. Using Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” is a great example. As each character danced in their own unique way we learned about them, just from a simple visual. They all reverted to their childhood selves (so much a trope of the show), privately. Diego would never dance that way (or probably at all) in front of the others, or anyone, really.

When Hazel and Cha-Cha broke into the mansion and tried to capture Five, the fight took place to the sound of “Don’t Stop me Now”. The choice was sublime and the whole thing had the feel of a comic book action-sequence. That can’t have been an accident. It works, and we’d love to see more of it. It would be surprising if we didn’t.


Further Flashback Scenes


Using flashback “cut ” scenes worked brilliantly in Umbrella Academy. We learned about the character motivations and how they were formed. The link between the past and the present versions of the characters was important, and really well written. So much of it depended on when the flashbacks occurred, tying the current storyline together.

There’s plenty of time left to look back upon, including starting to recap the teenage years. That might be the way Season 2 goes. Hopefully, it will be dependent upon the emotional states of the characters again, and very much bring about the aspects of nostalgia that are thrown up by looking back. It’s simply a case of not fixing what’s not broken; instead, they can bolster it by more bit by bit revelations.


A Season “Big Bad”


Many series stick to the formula of “goodies v. baddies. Season 1 didn’t, and it worked well. Sometimes this can lead to stale writing and dull characters. One thing that Umbrella Academy didn’t struggle with was good, complex characters. There’s no reason why a super-villain couldn’t be introduced; it might even be fun to see a dark version of the Academy (The Rain Squad? – lol), and the boss of them being a similar sort to Reginald Hargreaves. This would give our heroes plenty to be going on with, once they save the world from the Apocalypse!

Vanya was sort of the “big bad” in season 1, in the end. But she wasn’t evil. We haven’t really encountered that. The Handler and Cha-Cha were the closest to it. It’s unlikely that Cha-Cha will become the central antagonist, and even less likely that Hazel will. It’s looking like there’s gap to be filled. It might mean new characters are coming.


More Ben and a Bigger Role?

Klaus, as we know, has the power to summons the dead. Throughout most of series 1 he is in dialogue with Ben, the member of Umbrella Academy who died as a child. as the series progressed we saw and heard more and more of Ben, via Klaus’s power. Eventually, Ben “Patrick Swayze’d” him, temporarily being able to regain physical form. We don’t know how. What we do know is that Ben was again able to do this, in the season finale. That alone surely warrants more from Ben, and his backstory too. It was a cool and well-thought out way to include him. This may mean that season two will use him more, and elevate him from plot device and “emergency character”, to a full blown member of the team. It would also develop Klaus’s power more, perhaps ultimately leading to him summonsing another important character. Talking of which . . .

Who is Reginald Hargreaves?

Good stories are full of secrets. That’s why Umbrella Academy worked so well, with the slowly, slowly reveals . . . The “father” of the group held many things back. A huge clue about his actual identity was teased in the first scenes of the final episode of season 1. It had a feel of him being a vampire. Reginald is clearly quite old, and so not an ordinary human. Ordinary is the last word you’d associate with him.

At some point in Season 2 we’ll surely get to find out a little bit more about his origins and whether or not he did indeed have foreknowledge of the oncoming Apocalypse. For a character who died was already dead in the series debut episode, he has certainly dominated proceedings, influencing pretty much the entire story from the grave. Maybe Klaus will fully “revive” him, or at least hold further meetings with him. Who he really is and why he started Umbrella Academy is possibly the biggest question fans want answers to.


We hope you’re all as excited for the show to drop as we are (so we can  give season 2 a thorough review – expect that early next week). What are your thoughts on season 1? What worked for you? Let us know where you think things are headed and how they’ll get there by commenting. We haven’t long to wait to find out now. Roll on Friday! It should be well worth the wait.


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