TwoMorrows’ new classic pop culture magazine ‘RetroFan’ launches June 20, 2018

TwoMorrows Publishing debuts RetroFan #1, a new full-color magazine that celebrates the Crazy Cool Culture You Grew Up With!

On June 20, TwoMorrows Publishing debuts RetroFan #1, a new full-color magazine that celebrates the Crazy Cool Culture You Grew Up With! Remember when Saturday morning television was your domain, and yours alone? When tattoos came from bubble gum packs, Slurpees came in superhero cups, and TV heroes taught you to be nice to others? Those were the happy days of the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties and that is the pop culture era of RetroFan.

Editor Michael Eury (who also edits TwoMorrows’ acclaimed comic-book history magazine Back Issue) has authored over a dozen pop culture books, and felt it was time for a regular outlet for the same fun material. “This quarterly magazine gives the stories-behind-the-stories of the stuff that made our childhoods so special,” said Eury, who had the honor of personally interviewing TV’s Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, for the first issue. But Eury has assembled some of the most knowledgeable columnists in each of his favorite pop culture realms to provide regular features as well. “Many readers will be aware of their accomplishments, which include Emmy? Awards, bestselling books, and Hollywood credits but if not, they’ll soon become household names to RetroFanatics everywhere.” Those columnists include Martin “Pesky” Pasko (TV and comics writer and Daytime Emmy Award-winner), Andy Mangels (best-selling sci-fi author and award-winning pop culture historian), Scott Shaw! (acclaimed cartoonist and Emmy Award-winning storyboard artist), and Ernest Farino (Emmy Award-winning visual effects designer, animator, and director).

“That’s the most impressive team assembled since Jim Phelps last rifled through his IMF dossiers,” claims editor Eury. “We’re dedicated to packing each page of RetroFan with more info, trivia, and enjoyment than you’ll find in any other mag.”

The debut issue also features The Phantom in Hollywood, Filmation’s Star Trek cartoon, a look at ‘How I Met the Wolf Man’ Lon Chaney, Jr. goofy 1960s comic book Zody the Mod Rob, Mego’s rare Elastic Hulk toy, RetroTravel to Mount Airy, North Carolina (the real-life Mayberry), an interview with Betty Lynn (‘Thelma Lou’ of The Andy Griffith Show), Andy Griffith Show collectibles, inside a fan’s eclectic House of Collectibles, a Too Much TV Quiz, and a RetroFad remembrance of Mr. Microphone. The second issue, shipping in September, focuses on Halloween through an interview with horror host Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, as well as the history of Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes, the Groovie Ghoulies cartoon series, View-Masters, and more spooky fun.

This full-color magazine is 80 page’s and retails for $8.95. It is available June 20 in both print and digital editions, through TwoMorrows’ website (, in comic book shops through Diamond Comic/Book Distributors, and in early July at Barnes & Noble stores and on

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