It seems that there are at least two possible scenarios or theories as to what kind of show we will see in Star Trek: Discovery.

Where Star Trek: Discovery is concerned, fan enthusiasm remains high despite news of the show’s release being pushed back to potentially the summer of 2017, with fan speculation as to the direction of the new show rampant.

It seems that there are at least two possible scenarios or theories as to what kind of show we will see in Discovery. Either the fans will get another Trek show centering around one traditional Starfleet crew or the show will somehow split its focus between two Federation ships; the USS Shenzhou and the newest edition to the Star Trek family of ships, the USS Discovery.

At the very least, it seems fair to say that in some fashion, we will see the show’s main cast split between these two separate federation ships in the premiere episode. The USS Shenzhou captained by Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou and the much anticipated USS Discovery, as captained by Jason Isaac’s Captain Lorca.

SpaceInvader recently reported leaked information which pointed towards a ‘one ship‘ theory in the the premiere episode, which will see the USS Shenzhou badly damaged, before being rebuilt and renamed as the USS Discovery.

Recently however, Moviepilot seemed to favor a second ‘two sip‘ theory, in which the show and story itself would be centered around two ships rather than a one traditional ship centered Trek show. Chief among the Moviepilot’s points centering on the fact that two high profile actors were hired to Captain separate ships. Why do this if in fact there was only to be one ship!?

To be fair however, it doesn’t really matter as either way will surely be exciting, but what seems most intriguing and unique would in fact be some kind of dual perspective being intertwined into Discovery’s ongoing episodes, structure and story arcs.

What is important to remember is that the adventures of the USS Discovery will be taking place about ten years before Captain Kirk’s first five year mission as the Enterprise’s captain, roughly in the year 2255′.

So clearly, the Discovery is set during a crucial and tumultuous time period in Federation history, one in which war with the Klingon Empire seems almost certain at times. Likewise, there are clearly a good number of documented incidents and skirmishes with the Klingons, with which to begin telling the story of the USS Discovery and her intrepid crew.

So if the fans get to see The USS Shenzhou damaged in the disputed area around Sherman’s Planet, or fired upon and crippled in the Archanis Sector or perhaps even at the Battle of Donatu V, it would surely make for Star Trek at its most exciting.

Likewise there are clearly Klingons cast in Discovery with recently released photos of what can only be called early Klingon battle armor, along with the casting of Chris Obi as Klingon Leader T’ Kuvma and Shazad Latif as a fellow Klingon warrior.

As such conflict between the Federation and the Klingons will most certainly not just be touched upon in the upcoming series, but the growing uncertainty and solar winds of war, would in fact be an important part of every day life for every single sentient serving in Starfleet and even living within the federation during this time.

If in fact Discovery is not primarily centered around the growing Klingon conflict and is rather sent on a distant and important mission to deal with the Sheliak Corporate and get the Treaty of Armens signed for instance; having Discovery and her crew away from their loved ones during uncertain times, clearly allows for a second ship back home, receiving and sending messages of love and support from across the light-years.






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