Top Netflix Original Movies & TV

Umbrella Academy – The quirkiness, drama, and unpredictability of this show is sure worth your time and binging on.

Netflix has something for everyone ranging from movies, series, documentaries, and other shows. Whether you watch to broaden your knowledge or for entertainment purposes, Netflix has got something that would make it worth your time. Highlighted below are some of the top shows on Netflix for students to binge-watch as they relax or as they seek to garner some knowledge.


Top classics

This category comprises of the olden shows that were either quite a hit in their time or something in recent years brought them to the limelight. There are a lot of these shows that get highlighted in class when certain themes are being discussed. Additionally, many modern shows tend to make references to some of the classical shows sparking interest and making among the top shows on Netflix. There is always an unmatched need amongst film producers to appear cool or more knowledgeable of an era. Some of these classics can even come recommended by unlikely quarters such as CV editing service companies which then sparks a frenzy of viewership among graduates.

Among the most popular shows in this category are:

  • Friends – This sitcom continues to fascinate many despite it being over 20 years old. The sense of humor while simultaneously highlighting struggles of newly found adult independence continues to resonate with students on many levels.
  • House of Cards – Despite it the show being quite political and conservative, it is the sharp intelligence and wit that keeps students glued. There is a sense of control and viewers assume a simulation of making the decisions that give them a thrill.
  • The Madmen – Despite the series being quite amoral, it draws attention to the creative industry and how it was built. The resonance is on how students often struggle to find a space that they would be comfortable in.

Other classic shows include Twin Peaks, The office; The Andy Griffin Show, Cheers, and The Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. All these have gained popularity among students simply for being classics and as more word goes around, more and more students find time to binge on them


Top Sci-Fi

Science fiction (Sci-Fi) has been among the top college shows on Netflix, constantly fascinating students. Presumably because, however how some of the theories are far-fetched, there is a possibility backed by science. Such shows make it okay for students who would otherwise be considered nerds and socially awkward to embrace their status. Over recent years, this genre has managed to draw more and more audiences. It’s not only entertaining but also for the research, some students do base on the movie concepts. Some of the timeless ones available for binging on Netflix are such as:

  • Star Trek – The concept of outer space exploration is one that is quite fascinating. What makes these so popular is the fact that, though not as extensive as the shows depict, man has indeed been to outer space. This makes it satisfying that a wide exploration as shown can happen.
  • Legends of Tomorrow – What could be more fascinating to a student’s mind than a show about time travel? Despite the constantly changing storyline, the concept of traveling across the space-time continuum is what keeps the viewers glued on this one.
  • Deep Space Nine – Quite similar to Star trek but it explores the dynamics of war in space. The thrill and unfamiliar concepts make it worth it. The first two seasons may be a little jumbled but once the viewer gets the hang of it, they are hooked.

The list of great Sci-Fi shows is quite long including The Witcher, I-Zombie; Stranger Things, Black Lightning, and The Flash. The common theme is that science is stretched and mixed so seamlessly with fiction that reality is deceived. Such breaks from reality are quite welcome to students to break the monotony of classes and assignments that is college life.


Top Original Series & Movies

Original series are a reprieve for viewers tired of superhero and mainstream Tv shows and movies. There is nothing that signifies a sense of achievement by students than discovering shows on Netflix for students that are yet to become as common. Original movies or the concept of them gives these students such opportunities. Sometimes, these are brought to the limelight in classes that mandate watching and giving a review that you can order and have it customized on Although it may take a bit of time before they catch on but as word spreads, more students spend more time watching and recommending to their friends and the frenzy catches on. Some of them are:

  • Umbrella Academy – The quirkiness, drama, and unpredictability of this show is sure worth your time and binging on. Being adapted from comics by Gerard Way is a plus because of how obsessed with comics students are. The show is centered around seven individuals with father issues and despite the theorizing, it is quite relatable.

  • The Last Dance – Not a lot in the world of sports finds its way in the film industry. This show is focused on Michael Jordan’s career and the Chicago Bulls complete with footage from the 1997-98 footage.
  • Giri/ Haji – It is not that there is a shortage of family issues, crime, and law in movies and TV shows. What makes this an original and worth the hype is the heritage and the attention given to it. Focusing on two Asian brothers, one a law-man and the other a mob-assassin to join forces to save a war engulfed Tokyo. This is worth the hours spent watching it.

Keep an eye on others like Greenhouse Academy, Family Reunion; Blood & Water, Dynasty, 13 Reasons Why Designated Survivor and Elite. These are sure to engage you mentally as well as entertain you.


Top Animations

Well, even as young adults, some students cannot resist the allure of cartoons and animations. Probably why Netflix has a wide array of them to watch. These make for great TV shows for teens like the classic animations such as The Princess and The Frog, Mary and The Witch’s Flower to modern ones like Hotel Transylvania, The Incredibles, and The Spiderman. Some cartoons such as A bug’s Life are commonly used in academia and students can even have its review written on au.edujungles. Animations have captivated all generations from the age of the Family Guy and The Simpsons. More and more college students are finding themselves binging on them as a way to relax and let go of study stress. The most important aspect to have in mind is being organized and balancing between entertainment and studies. Indulging on several top animation shows on Netflix can be good, even therapeutic after a long week of studying in the library.

Netflix is not necessarily a bad thing for a student. There are in fact, numerous best teens’ shows on Netflix that help engage the minds of students. Unwinding is very necessary for students who spend most of their days studying, memorizing, and worrying about exams and their grades. Netflix has a wide range of shows for students to choose from that can offer much-needed relief.

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