Top 6 Cameos from Crisis on Infinate Earths Part One

SPOILER ALERT The first cross over Crisis episode contained 6 very cool heoric cameos to geek out over!

Part One of CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths began with Sunday night’s Supergirl episode and gave fans a very fun and awesome beginning to this season’s much anticipated CW Super-Crossover event.

SPOILER ALERT! This review contains spoilers!

The first and most surprising cameo within the multiverse took place on the appropriately named Earth 89, in which we see Robert Wuhl reprise his role as newspaper reporter, Alexander Knox from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film.

And we also get to see the news that Batman has caught the Joker, as printed in the newspaper being read by Knox, just before the Bat-signal and the sky over Gotham City turns red, prior to that Earth’s destruction.

Next, the destruction in the multiverse spreads to Earth 9 and Earth X, where we get a fun if ever so slight glimpse of both the Titan’s Alan Ritchson as Robin/Jason Todd, along with Hank Hall’s Hawk prior to the antimatter destruction of Earth 9.

This segment is then followed by Russell Tovey’s The Ray, as he is seen flying toward the impending wave of deadly anti-matter just before it likewise destroys Earth X.

Perhaps the most anticipated cameo came next as we saw Burt Ward walking his dog in a Robin colored sweater as he lovingly reprised his role as Dick Grayson/Robin from the well-named Earth 66.

Likewise, with the destruction of his Earth we see Ward geekily exclaim for the last official time, “Holy Crimson Skies of Death.” just as his Earth is inevitably consumed by the ever-looming wall of deadly anti-matter.

And if these awesome cameos were not enough for the fan in all of us, Supergirl’s very own Earth 38 was treated to another nerdy cameo by Star Trek The Next Generation’s, Wil Wheaton.

His character can be seen standing in the streets of National City, holding a sign reminiscent of The Watchmen’s, Rorschach, warning others of impending doom which read, “Prepare to meet thy doom, the end of the world is Nigh.

While this first episode of the Crisis cross-over had plenty of other twists, turns, action and suspense, these cameos really did the job of touching many a fan’s hearts by giving a nod to and including all of these character cameos in one canon sized DC multiverse, just before destroying them in a red wave of nostalgia.

If this is the taste of things and cameos to come in the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, it seems safe to say that the best cameos may still be ahead of us!

It’s interesting to note that we didn’t see any cameos from the two DC Streaming shows, which is kind of sad, but unfortunately, legal wranglings to do with licensing are likely to be the culprit here. Though it would be nice to see future cameos from the DC Streaming shows in future crossover events.

Crisis continues tonight in the next episode of Batwoman, Monday, Dec. 9, before picking up again on Tuesday night in the The Flash, on Dec. 10.


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