Top 4 Sci-Fi Shows We Are Excited to Watch in 2019

As we come closer to the last stretch of 2018 and get ready to say goodbye to a year full of great television and sci-fi movies, it is the next year that starts to catch our attention.

As we come closer to the last stretch of 2018 and get ready to say goodbye to a year full of great television and sci-fi movies, it is the next year that starts to catch our attention. What we are experiencing lately is undoubtedly the golden era of TV shows – which means that we also get to see some really stunning shows developed in our beloved genre. 2019 so far sounds full of exciting new releases and some popular shows that got the green light for another season, much to the fans’ enthusiasm.

1. Stranger Things

Netflix is a heaven of great shows – there is something there for every taste. One of the biggest hits has been the 1980s nostalgia horror series Stranger Things, which has been renewed for a third season to begin streaming in 2019. Everything you could ever need is here: government experiments, dark secrets, a portal to another world, and a town where nothing is what it seems and characters struggle to make sense of it. Oh, and kids on bikes saving the world.

‘Stranger Things’ came back in 2018 for a second season packed with action, horror, and pop culture references, which lacked a bit when it came to surprising plot points. Season 3 is set to see our favorite surviving characters reprise their roles and some new additions to the cast, like the Mayor of Hawkins and a sexist news reporter Bruce, while others like Erica, Lucas’ sister, will get more screen time. The season will consist of 8 episodes and apparently take place in the summer and convey a whole different tone.

2. Loki

Some fans argue that superhero movies and series should be considered a completely different genre, but the Marvel and DC franchises that keep getting one great title after the other out (with some flops in between – yes, we are looking at you, DC!) rely heavily on sci-fi elements. Dystopias, high-end tech exemplified by Iron Man and Wakanda, as well as storylines focusing on the future of mankind are part and parcel of the superhero world – which is why we are very excited to see what the new Loki series will bring to the table.

Of course, last time we saw him in Infinity War, Loki died again, but it is not like he has not come back from the dead in the past – if he keeps this up, Tom Hiddleston will be able to claim a spot on the list of actors who have died on-screen more than anyone else based on Loki alone. Yet this is good news for fans who are excited to see what the God of Mischief will be up to. Not much is known yet about the new Marvel series and no other Marvel icons have been confirmed to co-star, but the show is expected to drop on Disney’s new streaming service near the end of 2019.

3. Castle Rock

Castle Rock has been a been met with enthusiasm by Stephen King fans, who were excited to see how the producers handled the original material. Based on an anthology of stories by the King of Horror, the first season dropped on Hulu last July and, less than a month later, it was confirmed that a second season got the go-ahead. Set in the eponymous fictional town in Maine, Castle Rock follows the lives of some of its residents as they become intertwined in a tale of secrets and darkness.

Season 1 focused on a death row criminal lawyer who is forced to return to his hometown after some surprising events unfold in the local prison. No release date has been confirmed yet, but Season 2 is likely to premiere in 2019. Producers have also hinted that the new season will again consist of 10 episodes but it might take us through a completely different and original plot, with many of the first season’s characters likely to appear again.

4. Altered Carbon

Based on a novel by acclaimed author Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon is set in 2384, in a dystopian society where human consciousness can be transferred into new human hosts (dubbed “sleeves”). Season 1 saw Joel Kinnaman star as Takeshi Kovacs, a mercenary transferred to a new human sleeve and tasked with solving the murder of the world’s richest man. Yet Season 2 will focus on a different storyline and see a totally new cast – at least according to rumors.

Expected to premiere in early 2019, the new season will star Marvel’s very own Anthony Mackie as Kovacs, presumably in an entirely new sleeve. The author has hinted that if all goes according to plan, the series will probably last for 5 seasons, so even though no plot details have been revealed yet, it is likely that season 2 will focus on the next book in the series. Good news: this means that we’ll get to see a space war, as the plot moves from one planet to another.

There are many other excellent shows out there that are also set to premiere in 2019 – which, overall, seems like a very promising new chapter for sci-fi television.

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