Top 10 Female eSports Players Ranked

A recent study conducted by DaddySkins ranked the most successful female eSports players. The ranking is based on the total earnings from tournaments. The study also provides information about the country players represent,...
A recent study conducted by DaddySkins ranked the most successful female eSports players. The ranking is based on the total earnings from tournaments. The study also provides information about the country players represent, the games they compete in and the number of tournaments played.
  • New study reveals that the most successful female eSports player is Sasha Hostyn known as Scarlett with over 450K dollars in total earnings.
  • Mystik, also known as Katherine Gunn, stands out with only 7 tournaments, making her highest earning on average female eSports player on the list.
  • First-person tactical shooter is the most popular genre among female eSports players with 7 out of 10 players in the ranking competing in Valorant, CS:GO or Counter-Strike 2.

Here is the short summary of the findings


NameCountryEarnings (total)World rankingTournamentsGames
Scarlett (Sasha Hostyn)Canada$471.2K526280StarCraft II
Liooon (Li Xiao Meng)China$241.5K1,2549Hearthstone
vilga (Ksenia Klyuenkova)Russia$123.2K2,60461Counter-Strike 2
Mystik (Katherine Gunn)US$122.5K2,6187Call of Duty, Dead or Alive 4
Petra (Petra Stoker)Netherlands$101.2K3,16032CS:GO,Valorant
mimi (Michaela Lintrup)Denmark$100K3,20140Valorant, CS:GO
juliano (Julia Kiran)Sweden$98.2K3,25752CS:GO, Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth
alexis (Alexis Guarrasi)US$95.2K3,34217Valorant
meL (Melanie Capone)US$95.2K3,34317Valorant
Nina (Nina Qual)US$94.9K3,350174StarCraft II
The list of the most successful female eSports players is led by Sasha Hostyn better known as Scarlett with over 470K dollars in earnings. The Canadian player mainly competes in Starcraft II, a science fiction strategy game. She participated in 280 tournaments, more than any other player in this ranking.
Li Xiaomeng with the nickname Liooon takes the second place, earning 241K dollars, almost two times less than Scarlett. This Chinese player competes in Hearthstone, a turn-based card game, and became the second most successful female player by participating in only 9 tournaments.
Ksenia Kluenkova known as vilga holds the third place, getting over 123K dollars in eSports competitions. She participated in 61 tournaments, winning in CS:GO, Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike 2.
Katherine Gunn better known with her in-game name Mystik follows closely with fourth place and 122K dollars, trailing behind vilga by less than a thousand dollars. Mystik participated only in 7 tournaments which makes her the highest earning on average female player in this ranking.
Petra Stoker takes the fifth place with 101K dollars. Petra mainly competes in CS:GO and Valorant, both being first-person shooter games. This Dutch player participated in 32 tournaments.
Michaela Lintrup also known as mimi follows closely with sixth place and 100K dollars in total earnings. This Danish player also competes in Valorant and CS:GO, participating in 40 competitions.
Julia Kiran also known as juliano is seventh in the ranking of the most successful female eSports players, earning 98.2K dollars in total. The Swedish player participated in 52 tournaments, competing in a wide array of games.
Alexis Guarrasi and Melanie Capone (better known as meL) share the eighth place with 95.2K dollars in tournament earnings. Both players compete in Valorant and share the same number of competition with 17.
Nina Qual closes the ranking with the ninth place and 94.9K dollars. Starcraft II player, just as Scarlett, Nina competed in 174 tournaments, the second highest number of competitions on this list. Compared to Scarlett, Nina earned almost 5 times less.
The spokesperson for DaddySkins, commenting on the study, says: “Currently women make up 46% of casual video game players across the world but in 2019 only 5% of all eSports players were women. The eSports industry tries to change that. With more prominent female players and new full-female teams we can expect more female players and generally more people from diverse backgrounds. Interest is clearly there but there is a need to build a space for new players and new audiences.”
Methodology: To discover the most successful female eSports players experts analyzed total earnings, world ranking and number of tournaments players participated in. They focused on gathering data that provides quantifiable measurements for success and the ranking was based on total earnings by each eSports player.

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