Toby MaGuire no longer Stan Lee’s favorite Spidey!

Tom Holland is the exact height and age Lee envisioned when he first wrote Spider-Man.

At the 2016 Mega Con convention in Orlando Florida, Stan Lee was asked some very fun fan questions at his Q&A panel hosted by Marc Lee, such as which superhero he would be if he could choose. To which he answered he would choose to be Iron Man as Tony Stark is not only a billionaire, with a great suit of armor but is also pretty well liked by the ladies.

Then he was asked whether or not he was a team Iron Man guy or a Team Cap guy, to which he responded, “I’m a team Cap guy!” An answer which made all of the fans in the gathered crowd go particularly wild with a roar of applause and cheers.

But one of the most fun moments of the Q&A was when Stan Lee was asked which Spider-Man was his favorite from the first two actors to play the role, this obviously being before Tom Holland officially came on the scene in both Captain America: Civil War as well as Spider-Man Homecoming. Lee indicated that he couldn’t really answer, but admitted to having a soft spot for Tobey MaGuire, who also happens to be a friend and whose performance he really thought captured the essence of Spider-Man. But then the legendary grand father of the modern comic continued on saying how it wouldn’t be fair for, “. . . what was the other guy’s name!?” to which the crowd again came to life and roared with laughter at his Spider-jab as it were.

But now, more than two years and several marvel movies later, Stan ‘The Man’ Lee has changed his official position on who his favorite Spider actor is, with the now 95 year old comic legend recently sending the following message from his official twitter account:

I think @TomHolland1996 is a great Spider-Man. He is the exact height and age I envisioned when I first wrote Spider-Man. Spidey was never supposed to be too large. How is my friend Tom doing?

To which the now 21 year old Tom Holland and fan favorite Spidey actor replied from his own Twitter account with the following tweet:

Thanks very much Stan. It all started with you sir. Looking forward to catching up soon bud.

So while Toby Maguire and Stan Lee are surely still friends, Maguire would no longer seem to be Lee’s favorite wall crawler, but rather something akin to the legendary comic creator’s favorite Spidey clone as it were. And while this is of course written in good fun, it is worth emphasizing that only Holland’s superb portrayal of Peter Parker could sway Spider-Man’s creator to mount such high praise upon the young actor’s capable Shoulders over that of his Spider pal Toby Maguire.



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