Titan Launch New ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Magazine

Coinciding with the second season of Fox's smash hit television show, comes the brand-new Sleepy Hollow Magazine!

Coinciding with the second season of Fox’s smash hit television show, comes the brand-new Sleepy Hollow MagazineIn the first issue, you’ll find interviews with the show’s cast and crew, including leads Nicole Beharie (Abbie) and Tom Mison (Ichabod), the show’s executive producers and more! 

Plus, get all the behind-the-scenes on-set secrets, get too close for comfort to the formidable evils of Sleepy Hollow and hear from the Sleepy Hollow fan base, the Sleepyheads! All this and much more, inside the official Sleepy Hollow Magazine, the essential companion for all fans of the hit TV show!

This first issue includes some fantastic features:

ALCHEMY IN MOTION – It took several acclaimed alchemists to bring this show to life, and now they are ready to spill their secrets! The show’s executive producers discuss the season one finale and their plans for what’s coming next!

TOWNSFOLK TALK – Want to hear commentary on the show from all your favorite cast members? Then check out our exclusive interviews with Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison, John Noble and many more!

NEWS NEVER SLEEPS – Looking for all the latest news on Sleepy Hollow? Then search no further, you’ll find everything you need to know within these hallowed pages! Plus, there’s a look back on the history of Sleepy Hollow and its inhabitants!

Discover the origins, strengths and weaknesses of your favorite Sleepy Hollow foes, including up-and-coming characters from the second season!

For all of this and much more you can place an order for the Magazine Right Here.


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