‘Thunderbirds’ Reboot Is Go! According To One Of Its Stars

"I'm so excited to watch it, having been working on it for almost two years now," he said.

Fans who are waiting for the new series ‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’, which is a reboot of Gerry Anderson’s classic ‘Thunderbirds’ series will be pleased to know that one of its stars things it’s a goer.

In a recent interview for Digital Spy Kayvan Novak who plays Brains in the new show said that it “works beautifully.”

“I’m so excited to watch it, having been working on it for almost two years now,” he said. “It’s amazing the amount of effort going into it and I think they’ve really cracked it.

“All of the spaceships are still miniatures, and then they’ve created these CGI characters to live seamlessly within that, and it really works beautifully.”

The series, which is a mix of CGI and live action will retain many of the classic ship designs from the classic show and will also have renowned actor David Graham back who did the voices for Brains, Parker and Gordon Tracy in the originals shows. The actor will reprise his role of Parker Lady Penelope’s chauffeur.

“I didn’t realise that he did Brains as well as Parker – I met him on the read through and I had no idea,” Novak admitted.

Novak adds that his take on Brains will be a little different to the original version.

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