Three More Starfleet Officers accuse Trump of trying to kiss them

The Trump campaign has flat out denied these latest allegations.

The Galactic Enquirer has recently reported that another three Starfleet Officers have come forward accusing the GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, adding to an already expansive list of Starfleet Officers who have come forward with similar stories.

According to sources at Starfleet Command, all three Federation Officer’s have reluctantly come forward as they all felt it was necessary to show support for the three thousand and seventy six assorted Federation and non-Federation citizen aliens who have made similar allegations of sexual misconduct and assault against the Republican candidate for Terran President.

A seemingly frayed Trump campaign spokesman issued a statement denying all three accusations saying, “This is further proof of a galaxy and Federation wide conspiracy to keep Trump from ascending to the Presidency, to say nothing of Starfleet’s questionable involvement in this controversy.”

While the Federation Counsel has remained quite yet defiant in supporting its Starfleet Officers, Fleet Admiral Pike publicly held nothing back and called out the Terran presidential nominee saying, “Enough is enough with Trump’s childish tantrums, fist pounding and holding of his breath. If you’re doing lousy in the polls its your own fault. Stop blaming others for your short comings, small hands, related inadequacies and obvious inability to hold one of the most powerful offices on the face of Terra. Man up already Mr. Trump, it embarrassing to watch!

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