Thrawn: 5 actors we’d like to play him in live action

Grand Admiral Thrawn trended recently on Twitter. We thought we'd offer our suggestions for who should play him

Grand Admiral Thrawn trended recently on Twitter. We thought we’d offer our suggestions for who should play him. An unparalleled tactician who’s always two steps ahead, Thrawn is a huge fan favourite among Star Wars fans. Here are our choices:


Matt Smith

The former 11th Doctor would be perfect for Thrawn in my opinion. Smith’s portrayal of the Cyber-planner “Mr. Clever” is practically an audition for this role. Adding to this the Doctor Who alumnus resembles Thrawn’s character design from Star Wars Rebels. Smith has the charisma, the talent and the ability to portray a non human character that make him a hand in glove fit for Grand Admiral Thrawn. While we may have missed this actor in Rise of Skywalker I believe Thrawn could be the role that makes the youngest ever Doctor the megastar he deserves to be. Also, just think of the inevitable Doctor Who/Star Wars fan videos this could inspire.



Dwayne Johnson

An actor as big as the Rock would be a massive shot in the arm for a Thrawn featuring show. The Great One’s size and charisma would instantly make Thrawn recognisable and a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, I feel that the part of Thrawn could give Johnson a chance to play a more cerebral and restrained role. My own view is that this actor is well capable of this. With someone as popular as Johnson playing Thrawn it’s possible we could see a heel face turn for the Grand Admiral. Star Wars Rebels shows us Thrawn’s combat capabilities which the former WWE champion could easily pull off. Likewise, is it too much to ask that Johnson drops the people’s elbow on whoever wrote Luke Skywalker’s character in The Last Jedi?



Dan Stevens

I’m basing this choice less on this actor’s looks and more on his ability. Stevens showed an aptitude for playing a ruthless and refined figure in Legion Chapter 14. The David Haller actor has proved that he can play a wide variety of roles. Although Stevens has portrayed more comedic characters in his recent films I’m confident that he can show Thrawn’s calm deadliness and calculating mind. Undoubtedly this performer has the natural elegance and sophistication to convey Grand Admiral Thrawn. Perhaps a left field choice, but one I feel is a safe bet.


Michael Fassbender

Fassbender has in my view the compusure needed for Thrawn. It seems likely that he could show the Grand Admiral’s darkness and difference to humanity. Evidently we see this in Fassbender’s Alien franchise role of David. It seems to me that this performer could show us Thrawn’s inner thoughts with just a look or a glance. There is massive potential for a Fassbender Thrawn. It’s possible that we could even see the character’s early life through flashbacks. The former Magneto certainly has the ability to convey Thrawn’s tightly leashed emotions. What might be interesting would be to see a Thrawn played by this actor lose control after an Imperial defeat. I have no doubt that Fassbender could put across Thrawn’s untempered rage only to be fully composed and in control in the following scene.



Anthony Ingruber

Many fans have clamoured for this man to play young Han Solo in the 2018 film of the same name. Although Ingruber missed out on that part I believe that he is more than capable of playing Thrawn. I say this due to the actor’s astronomical talent. Like Dan Stevens, Ingruber may not look the part but I think his ability to inhabit different characters makes him a shoe in for the role. Similar to Matt Smith, it might be nice for this performer to become part of the Star Wars family in a different role. This would satisfy his many fans and could also make him a household name. It would also be cool to see the Han Solo/Thrawn fan videos that would probably spring up, as Ingruber strongly resembles Harrison Ford.


Do you agree with this list? What actors would you cast as Grand Admiral Thrawn? Leave a comment below and remember, I don’t like sand. It’s all coarse and rough, and irritating. And it gets everywhere.


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