Would you choose to live forever in a future where everything that’s cruel, criminal and corrupt is the order of the day?


Carson Blake certainly didn’t.


In this Blade Runner meets Sin City, Neo-noir, Cyberpunk crime thriller a former special forces operative turned gun for hire is lured out of retirement to save the family of a man who once saved his life. He must face his own demons as well as those around him as he’s drawn into a brutal web of deceit and betrayal, where the worst excesses of human greed and desire extend from the darkest alleys to the glittering palaces of the authoritarian elite.


It’s 2065, Carson Blake is 100 years old, fully loaded, and tired of asking nicely.




A 96-page deluxe softcover, written and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton. Exclusively available from Zoop, with art to die for, a story to kill for, and a shattering finale you wouldn’t see coming in 100 years.

Available to pre-order from Feb 20th, 2024 at:


Published by Verity Comics.


Praise for Fully Loaded:


“I’ve seen a few preview pages of FULLY LOADED, and suffice to say, those pages roar with energy, passion and excitement, not to mention a genuine beauty in regard to the finished art.


I am well known for having a difficult time, in interviews, to come up with titles that I’d recommend. FULLY LOADED looks to be one of those titles.

Thanks, James, for sharing these pages with me”.


  • Howard Chaykin


“Thanks for the previews James ! Really excellent work, a stunning distillation of your always distinctive style and textures.


I see influences from Moebius, Alex Raymond, The Fifth Element, Geof Darrow and Akira to name a few, but all subsumed into something truly original. The well placed details and sense of space and depth are amazing!”


  • Dave Gibbons

“Holy Shit! This looks incredible. I’ve known James for 20 years and always been a fan, but he’s just gone next level here and it’s a joy to watch him blow up.


  • Mark Millar



The Author:

Jimmy Broxton is a UK based graphic artist, illustrator and art director. He is also a 30 year veteran of the comic book industry, having worked (in various guises) as a writer, penciller, inker, colourist, letterer and designer for just about every major comic book publisher in the English speaking world. Clients include: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Warner Bros, Sony Entertainment, Jet City/Amazon and Rebellion Publishing.


Fully Loaded is his first full length creator owned Graphic novel. His newly conceived publishing imprint: VERITY COMICS will be offering the deluxe edition of the title exclusively through Zoop.

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