The War Between Men And Machines Is Not Over – Matrix Reboot?

Neo is the chosen one, coming out of the cave where men only see the shadows of the real world, to realise that reality is very different.

If there is one thing that usually discontents fans of a film, it is the idea of a reboot. The reboot of a saga usually offers a more or less radical reworking of the original content and style. A sequel, however, when not warranted, shakes the fans slumber.

Many shuddered at the idea of a sequel to Blade Runner or Predator and then there’s the debate of whether, sooner or later, The Matrix should add a fourth sequel. In this case, a spin-off may be more likely than a sequel because the original saga is a concluded trilogy that does not require any following.

Undoubtedly, The Matrix made waves with its historical effect on cinema – its philosophy is at the centre of various interpretations, with emphasis on the allegory of Plato’s cave. Neo is the chosen one, coming out of the cave where men only see the shadows of the real world, to realise that reality is very different.

The Matrix cemented its historical fame with its brand-synonymous shooting techniques. Think of, for example, bullet time, made with dozens of cameras that take the same scene from many different angles allowing impossible movements, while still maintaining spectacular imagery.

After the success of the original movie, dating back to 1999, the following two chapters were received in a much more lukewarm manner, both by the general public and critics. Philosophical speculations, including the complex layering of possible sociological and existential readings, alienated those who had loved the less brainy approach of the original film. Although the purest fans appreciate it for what it is, the trilogy ended up lending its side to criticisms due to contradictions and inevitable inconsistencies.

Despite all this, the story has continued through the work done by the creators of the animated series Animatrix, and thanks to the various video games such as Enter The Matrix, The Matrix Online, and The Matrix: Path of Neo. So solid is this movie’s social influence that many other producers within a range of mediums have used it for new content. Betfair casino online offers a Matrix slot, for example, and Burlyman Entertainment publishes a series of The Matrix comics.

According to recent rumours, the two directors have already written guidelines for a new trilogy related to the saga of The Matrix, which has already been delivered to Warner Studios. The original trilogy had collected $1 billion 632 million, a sum that even if only marginally achieved with a fourth movie, would be more than a good reason to put The Matrix back into operation.

At the moment, the Wachowskis are engaged only as writers, but it is not difficult to imagine that they would take back the reins, at one or two influential levels. The good thing is that this time, the talks are not focused on a reboot version, but creating stories set in the same narrative universe. Obviously, there are no details on the return of the surviving characters and Warner Bros do not confirm or deny any details yet. However, they also specify that the news is not only true but will soon become public knowledge.

Who knows, are the hashtag whispers reigning true or is just another trick to gauge the appetite for The Matrix consumption?

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