The Walking Dead’s ‘First Time Again’ was as good as zombie gets!

The real question all ravenous Walking Dead fans are asking is will the 6th season continue to be so gruesomely amazing!?

The past Sunday, AMC’s The Walking Dead came back for its season six premier episode entitled, ‘First Time Again‘, and the show hit the proverbial ball out of the zombie park!

The episode was quite simply a fun and thrilling ride from beginning to end, with even a hint and a nod to The Walking Dead’s black and white comic book universe, with non color flashback scenes which tied together the entire episode, scattered throughout the action packed end of the world zombie television novella.

Robert Kirkman’s flagship zombie drama did not fail to deliver on all apocalyptic fronts as there was drama and conflict within the seemingly safe  Alexandria walled community, with very vocal residents such as Carter (continueing  ) disagreeing on how best to combat the looming zombie threat that could destroy all they hold dear.

And while the sheltered and weak residents of the Alexandria walled community struggle to get used to rule under the Ricktatorship, Morgan (Lennie James) seems to be flourishing and fitting right in right along with his much welcomed Zen like, kiss ass, bow staff fighting style.

But most important of all, the episode featured a huge and menacing zombie horde that could have proven to be the end of the Virginia safe zone. The undead horde was not only done well, but lets face it; the ravenous fans of Kirkman’s nightmarish zombie vision have come to expect and demand nothing short of just this kind of undead action!

Old rivalries between Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Nicholas (Michael Traynor) lead to new loyalties as these one time enemies learn to work together for the good of the whole, while fresh faces are also introduced into the show’s reoccurring cast such as Heath (Corey Hawkins), Scott (Kenric Green) and Annie (Beth Keener), with Morgan continuing to become a very important and contributing member of Rick’s trusted inner circle.

But what is also quite compelling about The Walking Dead is that the characters that we have grown so fond of always seem to be growing and evolving internally, as even Rick (Andrew Lincoln), is clear about on the one hand, ‘no longer take chances’ as he opens up to Morgan, just as we see Morgan point out that there is still a descent and moral human being inside of the now very Shane-like Rick Grimes.

We even saw a hint of bickering/flirting between Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Morgan as he asks the samurai sword yielding fan favorite heroine if she took some one of his peanut butter protein bars, moments before they confront the undead horde fast approaching their adopted safe haven.

Interestingly, the comic universe did indeed have Morgan and Michonne become lovers for a short while before Morgan’s death, but as both The Walking Dead television and comic book universes do not always follow each other, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

All in all, AMC’s season six of The Walking Dead has gotten off to an absolutely amazing start and if the first episode was any indication of the season ahead of, fans of Kirkman’s Walking Dead are in for a GREAT season!


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