The Top 5 Most Favorite Comic Book Characters As Reported By Rick’s Cabaret’s Girls.


If the popularity of recent movies, streaming shows, and cosplay is any indication, people are indulging in what we all know is one of the most iconic storytelling art forms ever created…comics. Yeah, the general public does take a while to come around, as we try hard not to say, ‘We told ya so.’ But if there is still doubt, we found some comic-loving devotees smack dab in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world, the lovely dancers who perform nightly at the world-famous Rick’s Cabaret New York. Rick’s damcers shared their favorites in a rundown of the Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Characters As Reported By Rick’s Cabaret Girls.

  • Wonder Woman. “Wonder Woman, of course. That’s it!” dancer Sophia offers as if there could be any other choice for the very best in Amazonian empowerment. Seeing how W.W.’s creator, William Moulton Marston was as inspired by the suffragist movement as he was by centerfolds and lived a complicated personal life with both a wife and mistress—all living together in the 1930s, no less-there is as much strength as sexiness in Diana Prince, as there is when she spins into W.W.Sophia adds (and we believe her): “And I have my own pair of magic bracelets.”
  • The Joker. Indeed, there have been quite a few iterations of Batman’s nemesis, but as he was portrayed most recently in his very own movie, he made an impression on dancer Nikki especially. She claims The Joker is her current favorite “because I love Joaquin Phoenix.” Surely, Rick’s Nikki is not the first to be influenced by an actor or actress who played a comic character, and we all know the man who has often been called “The Clown Prince of Crime, “inspired by Conrad Veidt’s “Gwynplaine,” from the super creepy silent film 1928’s The Man Who Laughs is a favorite of so many ladies, not just Harley Quinn or dancer Nikki.
  • Emma Grace Frost, who first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #129, is dancer Trinity’s favorite. “She is super sexy. I love her look, her lingerie,” the Rick cutie gushes. “I can even imagine her doing porn.” Sexy girl crush aside, this surely sexy female mutant’s telepathic abilities and her power to turn into a diamond also add to her sparkling allure. As many characters before her have, Emma grew from villain to hero and has sometimes been known as White Queen and Black Queen.
  • “Who is sexier than Batman, no matter who plays him?” a handful of Rick’s dancers declare in unison. From beloved campy 66’s Adam West to Michael Keaton’s sly turtle-necked Bruce Wayne, to growly-voiced Christine Bale, buff Ben Affleck and finally Robert Pattison’s take on the millionaire-turned-crimefighter, Bruce Wayne can as much “make it rain” in the very best Gotham gentleman clubs, as he can keep criminals shaking in their boots.
  • Spider-Man. Seeing as the tri-level Ricks Cabaret is located in the same city that this young, sinewy, masked, and often wisecracking superhero protects, it was no surprise that dancers Kelly and Miranda led the charge declaring Peter Parker’s alter ego was their favorite. Again, there is as much to crush on about the young hero from his appearance in comics as lately in movies, both live-action and animated. Spidey senses detect a super sexy web-slinger here.



Rick’s Cabaret New York is an adult nightclub known for its beautiful exotic dancers, warm hospitality, and providing the best in VIP treatment. Featuring over one hundred gorgeous entertainers nightly, multiple stages, bottle service, delicious food at its Rick’s Steakhouse, and a private VIP floor with discreet suites and luxury sky boxes, Rick’s contains fantastically sexy dancers who do indeed seem to know a thing about comics.

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