The Strain: Rupert Penry-Jones On His Heroic Vampire Role

Jones was talked into playing the role by series creator Guillermo del-Toro.

He’s best known for his rather clean cut roles in UK hits such as ‘Spooks’,’Silk’ and ‘Whitechapel’, but Rupert Penry-Jones’s newest role is anything but clean cut.

The British star has gotten himself a role in the hit Fox series ‘The Strain’, which has been showing here in the UK on Watch every Wednesday night – and tonight we’ll get a first look at Jones in his role as the mysterious sword wielding vampire known as Quinlan.

“Quinlan is kind of a super human,” said Penry-Jones in a recent chat with TV & Satellite Week. “I do like the idea of playing someone who’s heroic yet more interesting than being just a leading man heroe.”

Indeed its fair to say that Quinlan some pretty big daddy issues given that he is the son of the evil Master. But those issues aside this role is a huge departure for Jones who has battled against being type cast as the posh upper class person.

“I’ve been saying to the acting gods for ages that I wanted to do something different and they certainly answered my prayers.”

The role involved Jones having to wear heavy make-up for perhaps the first time in his television career and it was an experience that he was initially worried about.

“Working with a new face worried me, but ended up being my favorite thing. I’d go to the monitor and check what it looked like with certain expressions. I love the way Quinlan looks. It’s very exciting.”

Jones was talked into playing the role by series creator Guillermo del-Toro.

“For me, it was like meeting one of my heroes. I’ve been a huge fan of his since Chronos and I’d say Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorite films of all time.

“He said to me I’d be the only vampire in the show that women would want to take to bed – and I did slightly fall for it until I saw the make-up and thought – what the hell are you talking about?”

Fans will have briefly glimpsed Quinlan in the final few moments of last weeks episode on Watch, but tonight’s episode promises to give us a little more insight into who this mysterious character is and whether or not he’ll likely be an ally to our small group of human resistance fighters or another thorn in their sides. All we really know at this point is that Quinlan is just as committed to stopping The Master as they are.


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