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As many of the songs playing on the radio or Spotify are reminding us. It’s Christmas Time again and it’s time for us here at SciFiPulse to put our heads together and come up with some ideas for gifts that you can get for the geek in your life. This year Nicholas Yanes and I have struggled to come up with ideas because we have been spoiled for choice when it comes to ideas. So without further ado. Below is our list of ideas that may or may not help you with your Christmas shop.


Ian Cullen’s Picks


Halloween: The Official Making of Halloween, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends: The Official Making of the Films




First up. Something for the horror fans. Particularly fans of the slasher film genre, which many would say got kicked off by the 1974 movie Black Christmas. However more famous than that is the Halloween series of films, which was kicked off by John Carpenter. As fans know. We recently saw a Halloween movie trilogy, which continued the story from the original first movie. During October Abbie Bernstein released a new book through Titan Books called ‘Halloween: The Official Making of Halloween, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends: The Official Making of the Films’. This book features exclusive interviews with the makers of the movies and features never-before-seen photos and documents from the film. Bernstein does a superb job of capturing the passion and enthusiasm of the people behind these films and gets some great insight from the film’s star Jamie Lee Curtis. You can grab a copy of this book in Hardback from Amazon or get a copy on Kindle.

Funko POP! Rides: Star Wars – Ahsoka Tano In Delta-7B – Star Wars: Clone Wars – Amazon Exclusive – Collectable Vinyl Figure




My second idea will appeal to the Star Wars collectors out there. Especially if they collect Funko products. Back in August fans were treated to the first feature-length series of Ahsoka, which was essentially a continuation of Ahsoka’s story as well as a sequel to the animated series Rebels. Ever since she first appeared in the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series Ahsoka has been a truly popular character and rightly so as she has had much more of a hero’s journey than certain other female characters from the long-running franchise.

So my second choice is from the Funko Rides collection which features Ahsoka Tano In a  Delta-7B – Star Wars: Clone Wars. This action figure is a modest £24.99 and is an Amazon Exclusive. So this could prove somewhat collectible in the future. 


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Poster from Displate




My Third suggestion will thrill fans of the Paramount Plus show Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and would look great on any office or bedroom wall. Displate is a company that has been selling artwork for the last few years. They specialize in images that are printed onto metal and hung from a magnet that you stick to your wall. The company has posters as well as original artwork from lots of pop culture movies, video games, and fantasy games. So there is something for everyone. They have three different sizes of image, which start at Medium, Large, and Extra Large and they are all priced accordingly and are quite reasonable. So if you do not like the one that I have linked above. There are lots of others to choose from.


Doctor Who: Ten Days of Christmas: Festive tales with the Tenth Doctor




My fourth and final pick is for all the Doctor Who fans out there. As you will know. This year is the 60th anniversary of the series and we have seen the return of David Tennant as the Doctor as part of that, but he has played the 14th incarnation of the timelord and has done a brilliant job thus far. This new book is a few short stories about Tennant’s tenth Doctor, which are set around Christmas Time and it is available in three formats. So you can get an Audio version, a Kindle version, and a Hardback edition.

Written by Steve Cole. This is a great way for Doctor Who fans to celebrate Christmas.


Nicholas Yanes’s Picks


Star Trek Wine or Spirits




2023 was the year in which Star Trek showed off why it is one of the greatest franchises of all time. With season 3 of Picard and season 2 of Strange New Worlds being undeniably incredible. To celebrate this success, consider getting the Star Trek fan in your life some officially licensed Star Trek wine or spirits.

I recommend the Romulan Ale Rye Whiskey, the Cardassian Kanar Red Blend, and the Chateau Picard 2386.


Ghosts Coffee Mug



The American version of Ghosts has quickly become one of my favorite comedies of the last few years. While I also enjoy the original/BBC version of this show, I find myself looking forward to visiting the crew of the Woodstone Estate. So, if you know someone who also enjoys Ghosts, consider getting them an official show mug.


All the Lovely Bad Ones




Without question, All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn with art by Naomi Franquiz and Brittany Peer. I will post the official summary below, but (and without giving away spoilers), this is one of the best-written and drawn graphic novels to come out in 2023.


Spider-Man 2099 Gallery Diorama by Diamond Select Toys




Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, is – without question – my favorite Spider-Man. If you have someone in your life who agrees with me, considering buying them the “Spider-Man 2099 Gallery Diorama by Diamond Select Toys” for Christmas.


If none of these ideas appeal to you. Check out the list we did for 2022

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    Thanks. I bought Doctor Who: Ten Days of Christmas: Festive Tales with the Tenth Doctor audio book.

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