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Once again. The Holidays are upon us and we have come up with a mixed bag of gift ideas for you to consider for the geek in your life.

As in previous years. I have asked the team here at SciFiPulse to come up with some suggestions for you. But this year we have split them into categories because we wanted to try and be all fancy. The Categories we are going with is Books, which include Novels, Graphic Novels, and even big reference books. Action Figures or other Collectables and finally Games, which can be Video games or even Board or Table Top Games.

See below for what we all chose:


Dominic Walsh’s Picks


Book – Ada Hoffmann’s The Fallen



The second book in The Outside trilogy. The Fallen (which we reviewed In Review: The Fallen by Ada Hoffmann ( is a gripping tale of survival and defiance in the face of nigh-insurmountable odds. Perfect for Star Wars and The Walking Dead fans. This novel has a very relatable main character in Tiv Hunt. Who only wants to help others and care for her girlfriend despite the utter horror unfolding around her. Reality itself cannot be trusted. Neither can certain characters. Neurodivergence of all kinds is portrayed positively in The Fallen and it utilises and subverts enough sci-fi tropes to keep readers happy. If you’re looking for nail-biting adventure SF. The Fallen is the read for you.



Action Figures Or Collectables – Star Wars Black Series Bastila Shan and Darth Malak Figures



Bastila Shan and Darth Malak are great gifts for Star Wars lovers. Featuring the characters’ updated designs rumoured to be in the KOTOR remake. These figures look really cool and they’re great to play with for younger fans. Why not make your own stop-motion animated film starring Bastila and Malak?



Or pose them on your desk at work? Star Wars Legends fans in your office are sure to start conversations about Bastila and Malak. The character who arguably inspired Rey and one of the most underrated Sith Lords respectively.


Games – Key to the Kingdom Board Game


80s kids will remember this fondly. Key to the Kingdom was a board game from 1990 in which players travelled around a fantasy-style board in search of the “Key” treasure. They then had to return to the starting point. I used to love this game because the actual board’s fantasy artwork was just so beautiful. It was so cool to have to roll certain dice scores to get out of traps and overcome mystical creatures. And of course how the board folded out to reveal different worlds was awesome to 5-year-old me. If you’re looking for some old-school fun, Key to the Kingdom has got you covered. Just watch out for the Voodoo Spectre…



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Ian Cullen’s Picks


Books – Dr. Who: The Official Story of the Films & Pulp Power



For books, I have two options and both are what you’d call Coffee Table books and are full of glorious artwork and photos and packed with all kinds of great information.



My first pick is the recently reviewed Dr. Who: The Official Story of the Films by celebrated filmmaker John Walsh. This book tells the story of the first and only Dr. Who movies to ever be produced specifically for Cinema. Although not considered to be Canon when it comes to the official world of Doctor Who. The two movies were feature-length adaptations of the first two Dalek Stories. However, a few things were changed to differentiate the movies from the television stories. Firstly the Doctor was an earth-born scientist who happened to have a rather unusual sir name of Who and not an alien from another planet like in the series. Over the years the two films have earned a cult status and are fondly remembered by anyone that grew up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s as they were shown often on TV during those times. John Walsh investigates everything from the casting of the movie right on through to the early production of the film. The book includes never-before-scene photographs as well as great interviews and insights from the surviving cast members and production people.

To get this. You will probably have to move fairly quickly as it can be quite difficult to get a hold of and sells out quickly.




My second Book Choice is the brilliant Pulp Power by Neil McGuinness. Released earlier in the year this book tells the story of The Street and Smith Universe, which brought us such legendary pulp heroes as The Shadow and Doc Savage. Both these heroes pretty much are the templates for what would come later on in terms of Batman and Superman. In fact, the similarities between Doc Savage and Superman are rather fun. Especially given that Doc Savage was known as the Man of Bronze and had a Fortress of Solitude before Superman was even a glimmer in the imaginations of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

This book traces Street and Smith as a publishing company right back to its roots and explores the creation of both these heroes and many others and how they helped to shape and popularise the pulp stories and magazines of the day, which influenced many of the greatest comic book writers and artists. Additionally, the book also included glorious color images of many of the old Doc Savage and Shadow Book covers. Many of which haven’t been seen since their original publication.



Action Figures Or Collectables – Action Figures Star The Wrath Of Khan Trek Mego 8 Inch Gift Set – Includes Khan, Captain Spock, And Admiral Kirk



As a lifelong Star Trek fan who doesn’t really have a huge collection of figures due to not having room in my Flat. I’d be quite thrilled with this set from Mego. Obviously, this would be a fairly big ticket item given the price tag. But to both a collector and a fan of Trek. The company name Mego would generate a bit of enthusiasm and have your peg Geek screaming MEGOOOOO, MEGOOOOOOOO, MEGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the top of their lungs. For those not in the know. Mego famously produced some of the earliest action figures from Star Trek: Universe and many of those original figures from the 1970s are worth an absolute fortune today. So this little set is not to be sniffed at. In fact, it is probably more true to the character likenesses than the original figures.



Games – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga



I could have picked any number of video games for this option. Given that the big hitters have released a slew of great games and exclusives to individual gaming consoles and the like. Indeed you don’t have to search too hard for the latest reviews of God of War: Ragnorok, which is only out on Playstation at the moment but will find its way onto PC eventually. So for the purposes of this category. I decided to choose a game that was available on most gaming platforms and was accessible to all levels of gamers. And LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga easily fits that brief.

The game’s comedic take on the movies is the main appeal as are the rather fun and simple puzzle elements. Earlier this year. I was playing this on my PS5 and I received a visit from fellow SciFiPulse writer Dominic Walsh who seemed quite amused at my exploits as I was cocking a few things up while trying to figure out how to get to the next bit in the New Hope segment of the game.

This is really 9 games for the price of one. As it collects together the entirety of the Skywalker Story. It also caters to all segments of the Star Wars Fandom. The game has simple logic puzzles as well as some fun action set pieces and some truly dopey Storm Trooper, but sadly these Storm Troopers can shoot straight. So you best duck. The game is now much cheaper than it was when it first came out in the summer and is a great buy for the casual gamer in the family.




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Nicholas Yanes Picks


Book – Something is Killing the Children (Book 1 – Deluxe Edition)



Without question, James Tynion IV’s Something is Killing the Children is a smash success. Written by Tynion with art from Werther Dell’Edera, the series follows Erica Slaughter as she kills monsters that prey on children.

Collecting issues #1-15, this deluxe edition is a beautiful addition to any comic book fan’s personal library.


Action Figures Or Collectables – Captain Carter – Hot Toy & Stranger Things – Hellfire shirt


Captain Carter – Hot Toy



To me, the Marvel character to recently breakout in popularity is Captain Peggy Carter. While the character’s appearance in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness was underwhelming, she has still quickly garnered a large fan following. And if you have a Captain Carter fan in your life, you should consider getting this Captain Carter statue from Hot Toys.


Stranger Things – Hellfire shirt



The recent episodes of Stranger Things have been highlights of excellent storytelling. Of the many great things this recent season offered, the Hellfire club has quickly been praised by the fanbase. As such, I’d recommend getting the Stranger Things fan in your life the Hellfire shirt from the show.


Other – Star Wars Wine?

The Force is strong with this wine.

While there is no official brand of wine associated with Disney’s Star Wars, there is the Skywalker Winery. You see, when George Lucas sold the LucasFilms to Disney, he kept the Skywalker Ranch. And not only does the Skywalker Ranch have its own production studio, but it also has its own fully functional winery.

The wine from the Skywalker Vineyard is a bit pricey, but these are great gifts for Star Wars fans who also appreciate a great bottle of wine.


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We hope you have enjoyed reading our list of gift ideas and find them of value. If you would like to add a few of your own suggestions. Feel free to do so in the comments.

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