The SciFiPulse Christmas Gift Guide 2021

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The Christmas season is upon us once again. And to do our bit for the festive season. We have put together this gift guide for you to have a look at if you are struggling with ideas for what to buy this year for that special geek in your life.

As always. I have gone around the writing team here at scifipulse and asked them to give us three gift ideas. So this list comprises all our gift ideas, which we hope will inspire you. FYI, we are not being paid by any companies to list these items. So we are not making any affiliate or advertising from this guide. It’s just a bit of festive fun.


Ian’s Christmas Gift Ideas


Playmobile Star Trek Enterprise Set


Given that money is no object and all. Hey, it is Christmas and I have found the perfect gift for the Star Trek fan that likes their toys retro. As a child of the 70s. I remember playing with the little playmobil figures. Back then they were nothing particularly special as the brand was fairly young at that point. But it now seems like they are a much bigger deal as they have a few pop culture licenses and are using them pretty well.

They do sets with franchises such as Back to The Future and The A – Team. But as soon as I saw this Star Trek product. I was literally salivating. It wasn’t pretty, (Me salivating that is.) The USS Enterprise playset is gorgeous. Have a look for yourself.


Grandville L’Intégrale: The Complete Grandville Series

A number of years back. Bryan Talbot introduced UK-based comic book fans as well as international audiences to the Anthropomorphic world of Grandville. The series follows the adventures of Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard. Who happens to be one seriously mean Badger who is not to be toyed with.

L’Intégrale collects all of the stories in one very big volume. And it is bloody good value at just £24.


The Mythology of Grimm: The Fairy Tale and Folklore Roots of the Popular TV Show


And my final choice is this brilliant book about the popular Grimm television series, which NBC really ought to bring back. Yeah, that’s right. I said it, “Bring back Grimm” dammit.

Either way. If you are like me and like to learn about the mythology behind popular television shows. Then this book should do the trick.


Dominic Walsh’s Gift Ideas

Lightsaber: Galaxy Sabers: Buy Lightsabers Online UK (Free Delivery)


A lightsaber is a great Christmas gift who hasn’t fantasised about taking on Darth Vader or Count Dooku in their imaginations? If you have children, a lightsaber can fire their imaginations and let them imagine themselves as an intergalactic hero (or villain). Why not buy two sabers and re-enact famous duels from the films with a friend? Or even create your own Star Wars fan film? Lightsaber fencing is recognised as an Olympic sport in France (French fencing body recognizes lightsaber dueling as a sport ( so you could maybe take up lightsaber fencing in the New Year and go for that gold medal.


Baby Yoda plushie: The Child at shopDisney | Disney UK


Everyone loves Baby Yoda. A plushie of him could be a nice surprise for that special Star Wars fan in your life. It provides an instant conversation starter and it looks really cool. Kids will love going on their own adventures with Grogu. They could pretend to be the Mandalorian and go on an epic quest to protect the child at all costs. Baby Yoda is absolutely adorable and a replica toy of him would be a really cool gift. Even if nobody in your family is into Star Wars.

Don’t forget. A baby Yoda is for life. Not just for Christmas.


Mandalorian helmet: Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Premium Electronic Helmet Roleplay Collectible, Toys for Kids Ages 14 and Up : Toys & Games

There’s no getting away from it. The Mandalorian is awesome. The only downside to this gift is its price (the cheapest helmet costs £99.99.) Perhaps you could paint the helmet and cosplay Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels? For the more hardcore fans, maybe your redeemed Darth Revan presents the helmet to Mandalore the Preserver? Like a lightsaber, a Mandalorian helmet can provide hours of fun. If you have a baby Yoda plushie as well you’ve got everything you need to go adventuring in a galaxy far, far away.


Nicholas Yane’s Gift Ideas

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Father Christmas Letters



With how popular Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are, I’m shocked that The Father Christmas Letters aren’t more popular. While this collection was published after Tolkien died in 1976, these Christmas letters were written between 1920 and 1943. Moreover, there is some evidence that these letters partially inspired The Lord of the Rings.

So, if you have a person in your family who loves fantasy – especially Tolkien’s legacy – pick up a copy of this book for them.


A Shudder Subscription


Make no mistake, we at ScifiPulse love Shudder. And if there is a person in your life who loves horror movies, they will enjoy this streaming service as well. While other streaming services try to win people over with nostalgia or a large amount of content, Shudder prides itself quality over quantity. So while Shudder may not have as much as other streamers, their content is almost always incredible.


CGC Grade Comic Book



Yes, getting a comic book CGC grades is a great way to lock in and increase a comic book’s value, but it is also a great way to gift someone a unique piece of art. After all, CGC slabs not only preserve a comic book, they also allow for individual issues to be easily displayed around a house. So, if you know what your loved one’s favorite comic book and/or character is, see if you can find a related CGC graded comic for $100 or less.

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