The Oddest Rick and Morty Merch and Tie Ins

Geeks love to spend all their hard-earned cash on merchandise, and big companies know it. When a show comes along that grabs the attention of a viewing public and...
Rick and Morty

Geeks love to spend all their hard-earned cash on merchandise, and big companies know it. When a show comes along that grabs the attention of a viewing public and forms a cult fanbase, the inevitable wave of related products comes with it. Yet Rick and Morty are a little different. A show that thrives on being odd and out there, it makes sense that its merchandise and tie-ins would follow suit. Thus, we have picked our top three weird merch and tie-ins for Rick and Morty.


Rick and Morty Slots

Online gambling is a huge industry, and slot games are extremely popular. There have been many properties that have allowed their image to be licensed to a slot game. Even Ellen Degeneres had one. Yet in this universe, the legends that are Rick and Morty manage to have not one, but two.

The first game is a more standard slot title, ideal for beginners or those who are used to classic games. It has everything you need, with the major symbols replaced by icons from the hit show.

The second one is a Megaway variation. This is a specific type of slot game where the reels increase as you play. It can be harder to get to grips with, but the jackpots are usually much bigger. Both games are available as desktop versions, as well as slots on mobile, so you can use them whenever is convenient.


Plumbus Earrings

The Plumbus first appeared in the episode “Interdimensional Cable Two: Tempting Fate”. It is a device that exists in Rick and Morty, and everyone knows what it does. Thus, no one ever has to explain how it works. They are later seen in other episodes, where we find out they are household and office items that accent a room.

As the series continues, Plumbus gets more uses and background. But at its heart, it is a pretty useless decorative item. Much like these earrings. You may get some odd looks from those who have not seen the show, but true fans will love them.


Scary Terry

Scary Terry is a direct riff and homage to Freddie Kruger and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. He has the characteristic striped sweater, grey fedora, and gloves that have long knives attached. The difference is that, unlike Freddie, Terry is not frightening at all. He is just misunderstood.

His first and only appearance is in the episode Lawnmower Dog. Here, Rick and Morty realize that he is actually quite self-conscious about how scary he is and was worried he was not terrifying enough. Rick and Morty managed to help him by entering his dreams and making him a lot better about the whole thing.

Terry himself would probably hate this robe, as it is quite cute. Wear it as you make your horrific exit from a steam-filled bathroom, or just use it as the ideal companion to a binge-watching session of the series itself.

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